New Anti-Celluite treatment – It’s all in the Jeans!

New Anti-Celluite treatment - It's all in the Jeans!

Thought you read that wrong? Nope! Anti-Cellulite jeans are hitting the shelves!

The Las Vegas Sun reports:

“Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch claims to have made what just might be the world’s most desirable pair of jeans. Whipped up from a high-tech denim that combats cellulite so its wearers can hone their beach bodies even as they bundle up for Brazil’s gentle winters.

Herchcovitch’s so-called “beauty denim,” which he says harnesses body heat and turns it into infrared rays that stimulate cellulite-combating micro-circulation, made its debut at the designer’s winter 2014 show at Fashion Rio, Rio de Janeiro’s four-day fashion extravaganza.

The jury is still out on the veracity of the Sao Paulo designer’s claim to have produced the world’s first anti-cellulite  treatment denim. Herchcovitch says five years of research into the product shows it is effective, but medical experts have cautioned there is no miracle cure for cellulite. All that aside, the models donning the denim looked like they had precious little need of micro-circulation as they stomped the catwalk.”

Why not rather opt for a anti-cellulite treatment that actually works, with proven results?

Bellabaci Cupping Therapy Massage will give you those smooth thighs you have been dreaming about. A quick 8-minute daily massage will get you there in just a few weeks. By clearing your lymphatic channels, you will not only speed up detoxification, but also assist in uneven fat-distributions’ breakdown.

Choose your setting: You can get your cup on in the shower or bath. Just use your body wash to lubricate your skin to facilitate the glide of the cup. Or how about watching your favorite series whilst massaging away your dimples with an oil for easy movement of the cup?

The “How To” for your Anti-Cellulite Treatment:

  • After applying your gel/oil, lightly squeeze the soft cup and set it down on your skin.
  • You can start by moving the cup from the bottoms upwards. This clears your lymphatics, which is the start of a successful anti-cellulite treatment.
  • Start at your ankles, move up to your knees. Then knees to thighs. After draining, you can move the cup in circular or zig-zag movements. This will loosen fatty deposits and stimulate collagen to bring back elasticity to your skin.
  • End off by draining again, in the same fashion. Treat the lymph of your buttocks from the mid-line to your hip and moderately paced, circular movements should do the trick. Easy Peasy for a successful anti-cellulite treatment!

Top Tip: Stay tuned to our website! Pretty soon we will introduce a revolutionary product that will make you one very happy camper! Or should I say cupper!

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Happy Cupping Everyone!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!