4 easy steps to treating cellulite with Bellabaci*

The Bellabaci Body Massage System includes two superior medical grade silicone cups. These hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups are based on the healing success of Ancient Chinese Cupping.

Apply plenty of lotion or oil to the area to facilitate smooth movement. The Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Genie, a lotion that turns into a luxurious oil, works best. It is a potent cellulite busting formula that enhances the effectiveness of the Bellabaci Body Cups.

Start with the softer cup. Begin by squeezing the cup in the middle to create a very light suction. Place the cup’s lip to your skin and release. Move the cup over your skin using straight-line, circular and zigzag movements to massage the area for about eight minutes at a time. Drain the area by moving the cup toward the nearest lymph nodes.

This technique doesn’t require any special preparation. The results are dramatic and best done on a consistent daily basis. The massage should not be painful, squeeze the cup so it is comfortable for you.

Gradually increase suction to stimulate circulation, remove stagnation, and release built up “sludge.” Once your skin has become more elastic graduate into the use of the hard cup. Continue to use the softer cup for more sensitive areas such as the arms, stomach, and inner thighs. The hard cup can be used on the back or other less sensitive areas.


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