The Best Natural Treatment for Eczema

The best natural treatment for eczema - by Bellabaci Cupping

Are you looking for a natural treatment for Eczema that not only brings relief but treats it down to the deepest skin layer? This is for you!

What causes Eczema?

The cause of Eczema still cannot be identified, but doctors agree that it is linked to an overactive response from the immune system to an irritant. Certain factors can contribute to the severity of the skin’s reaction such as extreme hot or cold temperatures, humidity, contact with certain chemicals and stress.

How do you treat Eczema?

The downside of treating Eczema with the usual prescribed cortisone creams and ointments is the thinning of the skin as well as the added risk of hyper-pigmentation due to the expected inflammation and lack of skin resilience. UV exposure on skin treated with cortisone can also cause dark spots and loss of skin elasticity.

Choosing a natural treatment product, especially where the eczema is a lifelong occurrence, can assist the client to not suffer the negative effects from prescribed medication.

Bellabaci International’s medical research team have made this possible by developing The Bellabaci  Skin Get A Life Genie, which combines the healing modalities of topical Homeopathic synergies and Aromatherapeutic complexes, encapsulated in top quality vegetal oils such as Coconut oil, all handpicked to reduce and alleviate the symptoms and reduce the occurrence of future flare-ups.

Bellabaci Skin Get a Life GenieThe ingredients of this superb formula includes:

Argan oil – To deeply nourish and restructure while it treats and moisturizes the skin
Baobab seed oil – High in Vit A, D and E to reduce inflammation
Rosehip seed oil – Contains almost 80% of essential fatty acids and is a derivative of natural Vit A which rebuilds healthy skin cells.
Carrot Seed Oil – Skin revitalizing and anti-scarring tonic
Clary Sage – Reduces inflammation and irritation
Geranium- Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which is beneficial for eczema sufferers where there is excessive fluid due to swelling.
Mandarin Peel – Skin tonic and renewal ability
Neroli – Reduces scars, comforts and nourishes the skin
Bitter Orange – Protective against infection and high in anti-oxidants
Patchouli – Alleviates symptoms that go along with abnormal epidermal conditions. Deeply soothing and regenerating

The Homeopathic synergies are all focused on skin renewal, restoring comfort, alleviating itchiness and irritation and rebuilding healthy skin cells.

What makes this formula even more special is that it starts off as a luxurious lotion and turns into a deep healing oil on application AND it doesn’t stain! It also has a very high spreadability factor, making it very economical to use. Not to mention that it smells great too!

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