Can a Tonsillectomy be linked to early weight gain?

Can a Tonsillectomy be linked to early weight gain - By Bellabaci Cupping

Maybe a tonsillectomy is not such a good idea?

The decision to remove a child’s tonsils and adenoids are usually based on the fact that when they become enlarged, due to infection or immune activity, they may block the airways, making it difficult to breathe. This is especially worrying when it affects sleep and the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

Study finds direct increase in weight and BMI.

The journal of Pediatrics recently published a report following a study which included over 800 children, performed by Stanford University researchers. The alarming finding was that for those who underwent a tonsillectomy had an average of 6% rise in their body weight and an 8% increase in their Body Mass Index. They are now recommending that the patients selected for a tonsillectomy, also have nutrition and lifestyle counseling too, following the operation.

Some Physicians think it’s no cause for worry.

Not all physicians think it is a cause for worry. Dr Michael Rothschild, who is a professor of otolaryngology and paediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says it may just be that children who suffer from sleep apnea also have food aversions due to the size of their tonsils and are usually underweight. Having a tonsillectomy makes eating more comfortable for the child, leading to a slight gain, but also normalizing of weight, seeing that the child was underweight to start off with.
Whether or not the findings are true, healthy choices need to be introduced early in the child’s life, which includes lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and outdoor play. Always introduce your child to healthy options first, before the temptation to offer a sweet sets in. Nutritional studies show that those who were introduces to a variety of healthy foods and different tastes early on, tend to make better dietary choices later in life. In a culture of where sedentary activities are rife, such as online gaming activities and internet usage, we need to step in and teach our children that balance is the key to a healthy life.
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