How much sleep is enough?

How much sleep is enough? -Bellabaci Cupping

Are you one of those people who feels like a bear with a sore tooth when you’ve only had 6 hours sleep, and you normally need a full 8 hours just to function normally? Or maybe you are one of those who only need a few hours of shuteye before you are ready to take on the world.. For the latter, they really do have a few extra hours in the day!

Do you have the Thatcher Gene?

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Can a Tonsillectomy be linked to early weight gain?

Can a Tonsillectomy be linked to early weight gain - By Bellabaci Cupping

Maybe a tonsillectomy is not such a good idea?

The decision to remove a child’s tonsils and adenoids are usually based on the fact that when they become enlarged, due to infection or immune activity, they may block the airways, making it difficult to breathe. This is especially worrying when it affects sleep and the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

Study finds direct increase in weight and BMI.

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How to treat Stretch Marks with this simple trick

How to treat stretch marks effectively - Bellabaci Cupping

No matter how great condition your body is in, the presence of a stretch mark can send confidence levels straight to the dumpster. Many who have lost great amounts of weight are shocked when they see the pearly white lanes creeping up their thighs, buttocks and stomach after all the blood, sweat and tears to get into shape. Time to do something about them? Definitely.

What causes stretch marks?

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The Best Facial Tool you need

The Best Facial Tool you need - Bellabaci Cupping

Kiss your face beautiful with Bellabaci? Yes Please!

The ultimate tool for effectively treating aging, excess fluid, congestion, broken capillaries and loss of elasticity, all in one step, is hard to come by. Unless you have the Bellabaci Skin Get A Life Genie and Facial Cup combo, that is.. Continue reading

Black Cumin Seed Oil-Natural cure since 1200BC

Black Cumin Seed oil - By Bellabaci

The Ancient Egyptians were known for their knowledge for health and beauty, and one secret that they cherished, was the healing capabilities of Black Cumin Seed oil. The famous Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen, was known for keeping a vial of this wondrous oil in his tomb, for the afterlife. Continue reading

Cellulite Massage- The best treatment for Cellulite

Cellulite Massage - Still your best choice

With so many expensive Cellulite creams and painful procedures on the market that promise to successfully treat your cellulite,  it’s no wonder those who have these telltale dimples don’t know what to choose. New cellulite treatments come and go, but one thing is for sure, the only way to treat cellulite with great results, is by massaging the area regularly, the right way. Continue reading

Treat Arthritis Naturally with Cupping Therapy

Treat Arthritis Naturally with Cupping Therapy - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

If you, or someone you know, suffer from Arthritis, you’ll know it’s no laughing matter. More than 100 types of Arthritis exist, but the most common ones are osteoarthritis (a degenerative joint condition), rheumatoid arthritis (an auto-immune disorder) and Gouty Arthritis, which involves inflammation, stiffness and pain. Treat Arthritis naturally with Cupping Therapy and gain back your quality of life. Continue reading

Juniper Berry – Get ready for great circulation!

Juniper Berry - Get ready for great circulation!

Do you think of a Gin and Tonic when you hear of Juniper berry? Although it’s one of the main ingredients that make up the flavor in this popular alcoholic beverage, it’s uses and benefits go far beyond, which is why it was carefully selected and added to our Circu Flow Genie. Continue reading

Tanning – The new addiction to think about

Tanning Addiction by Bellabaci

Everybody knows the dangers of addictive substances, and the impact they can have on your lives in the short- and long term. Many campaigns make it their mission to warn and inform about the warning signs of addictive behavior and substance abuse. A new “substance” that can be added to the list is the phenomena of Tanning Addiction! Continue reading

What is Cupping Therapy?

Are you looking for a natural solution for pain?

Cups3A person that is familiar with cupping and who supports it believes that the suction of the cups mobilizes the blood flow to help promote healing of a broad range of medical ailments.

Cupping therapy goes way back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. The Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest textbooks known to the word, describes how the ancient Egyptians were using upping therapy in 1,550 B.C. Continue reading

Teenage Cellulite Prevention

Teenage Cellulite Prevention

What is cellulite

Cellulite is fat stored just below the surface of the skin, which can look dimpled or rippled, also known as orange peel.

Teenage Cellulite

Teen cellulite is no different to any other kind of body fat, it’s only stored in a different way. The most affected areas around a teen’s hips, thighs, and buttocks, just under the skin. Most, if not all, teenagers have some fat stored under their skin, so even the skinny teenagers may have cellulite. The amount of cellulite and the way that a teenage body stores her or his body fat is generally influenced by their genetics. Continue reading

Neck Spasms – The Bellabaci Solution

Natural relief

It’s 3pm, time has flown while you have been brainstorming in front of your computer, and then it strikes. That all-too-familiar spasm in your neck is back, and ready for some pain giving action.

Why do you get neck spasms?

Your neck takes quite a bit of strain, it has to hold up your head which is a good 5kg’s, look here, look there, bend down, look up, it’s hard work. A day just doesn’t allow a daily neck massage (until now that is..), and the lack of attention to this structure will then accumulate more and more tension. No wonder the untimely spasm strikes. Continue reading

Therapist Exhaustion – Is your burnout near?

No Pain, Only Gain!

Massage Therapy is one of the most passionate career choices out there. The constant love of helping clients, caring, listening, treating and assisting in the process of balance and harmony are characteristics not many have. It’s a career where you nurture constantly, and of course, if you are not taking the necessary steps, you can put yourself at risk for Therapist Exhaustion or Burnout. Continue reading