Tired all the time? Try these natural energy boosters instead!

Feeling like you need some energy? Put away that coffee and read on!

These days, due to stress, heavy workloads and rushed lives, we would give just about anything for a bit of energy. Our options for a quick fix are usually chemical-laden energy drinks or some strong coffee. These types of energy surges don’t last long though. Before you know it you are worse off than when you started. Not to mention that they put a huge amount of strain on your kidneys and leave behind a trail of toxins. Not good at all!

Rather try these oh-so-good for you, natural energy boosters:

Light the way.

Light is nature’s way of telling your internal clock that it’s time to start the day. Leave the shades open or flip a light switch in the morning. Simulated sunlight will wake you up to stimulate natural energy.

Put a Jump in your step and hop out of bed.

Resist the urge to hit the “snooze” button—those extra minutes of sleep will just leave you groggy later. You’re much better off getting out of bed when you first wake up, accessing your energy faster.

Shake that body.

And once you’re up, do some breathing exercises, morning yoga, or put on your favorite tunes and hop to the beat. Just a quick 3 minutes should get your blood pumping.

Eat Yummy Coconut.

The triglycerides in coconut oil are a fast-acting energy source that your body can use more quickly than coffee. You will also not feel a crash and burn sensation, as with caffeine.

Have a protein rich breakfast.

A protein-packed a.m. meal helps your brain cells function properly. Think egg on whole wheat toast or a yogurt and almond smoothie. Choose healthy carbohydrates for a natural energy boost. Did you know that refined carbohydrates make you feel tired?

Avoid the midnight buffet.

Eating a heavy meal right before bed can leave you with a “food hangover” the next morning. If you’re itching for a late-night bite, keep it light and under 150 calories so you won’t feel bloated and tired in the a.m.

Chug down that bottle of water.

Skimping on H20 can leave you feeling drowsy. Start the day by guzzling a good 500ml, 30 minutes before breakfast. This will boost your metabolism and digestive function.

Sleep more every day.

The only way to make up for lost sleep is with more sleep. Go to bed 45minutes earlier. Monday to Friday, which adds up to four hours of extra sleep for the week.

Get your Cup on!

Cupping massage gets your fluids moving and start the detox process. It will also relax knots and spasms, that may be wearing you down. Just 8 minutes per day will do the trick! Pair up your cupping session with the Circflow Genie massage oil! This formula is packed with natural energy boosters to put the skip back in your step.

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