Simple Relief for Muscle Spasms

Simple Relief for Muscle Spasms - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Do you crave relief for muscle spasms? You are not alone.

Going to the gym for many is an exciting endeavor. From packing your gym bag, filling up your water bottle to getting your gear on. Even the drive there is exciting as you mentally plan your workout and get ready for the influx of those feel good hormones.Then it happens. You are 30 minutes into your workout, the music is pumping and you are starting to feel good. Suddenly your back or some other rebellious part of your body starts cramping, and I mean REALLY fall on the floor and yelp cramping. You then realize you forgot to hydrate and you have been pushing your body hard. Oh dear.. Muscle spasm attack! Continue reading

Treat Under Eye Bags like this!

Whatever you eye concern or hassle is, this trick will help to sort it out for you, fast. Meet the 3-step system of your dreams to treat under eye bags, dark circles, crow’s feet, wrinkles, fine lines and thin sagging skin in just 2 minutes per day. Best of all is that you will be achieving cumulative results, not just injection foreign substances that may be doing more harm than good. Continue reading

Treat Yourself to a Spa Facial at Home

Treat Yourself to a Bellabaci Spa Facial at Home - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Ever wonder what celebs like Kim Kardashian and J.Lo do to have such flawless skins? They must have a facial every day! Not to mention the most expensive products. It is time to add simplicity with professional results to your regime, and close up that cluttered cosmetic cabinet once and for all. Continue reading

Eat Alkaline Food to charge up your Detox

Alkaline Foods for Detox Success - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

To achieve lasting success after all your hard work for a successful detox, of course it makes sense that we will have to make some changes to our diets. The food we ate before was a major culprit in causing the toxin accumulation in the first place. Anything containing refined carbohydrates and sugars will contribute to an acidic environment in your body which leads to premature aging and wrinkles, cellulite and orange peel and even cell changes and cancer have been linked to a high refined sugar intake.

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The Bellabaci Breast Massage

The Bellabaci Breast Massage - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Have you done the Bellabaci Boobylicious Breast Massage?

A problem all women face is the fact that unless you have lots of time and money for plastic surgery, your breast tissue is going to start sagging at some point, and we all know its straight downhill from there onwards. If you have had children, the degeneration of your once perky breasts happens so much faster. You can now start to make a difference and turn back time by using your Bellabaci Body and Face Cups here too! Continue reading

How to Detox Effectively

Want to know how to detox effectively? This is for you!

If you are feeling sluggish, bloated and tired,  it may be time to give your body a good detox. When our bodies are not doing so well, it gives us signals  we sometimes misread or ignore. These may include poor sleeping, lethargy, thirst, cravings, frequent colds and flues, mouth ulcers  etc.  Now is the time to take matters into your own hands and give your body a good clean! Continue reading

Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Simple tips to lose weight - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Losing weight is not easy for everyone, especially if there are medical issues such as thyroid under-activity or diabetes in the mix. Many diet styles have surfaced in the last year or two, some quite controversial as well, and choosing one that will work for you and your lifestyle means you need to do lots of investigating. Continue reading

Factors which increase the efficacy of Salvestrols

Factors which increase the effectivity of Salvestrols - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

In our previous blog we posted an excellent article by Greenhouse Health about new research shedding light on how to help in the fight against cancer. To implement this new knowledge in your life these factors which increase the efficacy of Salvestrols, need to be considered. Continue reading

Salvestrols: New Research in the Fight against Cancer!

Salvestrols: New Research shows it can help in the Fight against Cancer! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Cancer is a looming diagnosis just waiting to happen for many of us, and we need to do our very best to try and keep our bodies in top form. Read the following article published by Greenhouse Health as it puts some new research on the map, and we need to do make the most of it for sure! Continue reading

Treat Pain with Safflower Oil

Safflower is not an oil that is commonly spoken of, but it’s therapeutic properties date bake over 4000 years. It is also regarded as one of humanity’s oldest crops. It is botanically related to the sunflower family (Asteracea) and is also know as Thistle or Lady Thistle Oil. Today we discuss the exceptional properties that treat pain with Safflower Oil.

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Difficult to lose Weight? This may be why!

Difficult to lose Weight? This may be why! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

This article posted by Greenhouse Health may shed some light as to why those kilo’s aren’t dropping!

Do you find it difficult to lose weight, even while you are Banting or trying other methods? Are you frustrated with being told that your thyroid blood levels are all normal? Is your body temperature below normal? You may be suffering from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. This form of sub-clinical hypothyroidism can be corrected. Continue reading

Is it Time to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine?

Is it Time to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine? - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Have you ever looked at your beauty products and makeup and felt overcome with boredom? It is so easy to get stuck in a rut because what we know becomes habit and life is just simpler in our comfort zones. The issue with that is you age every day, and what worked for you and gave results in your twenties, is definitely not as effective in your forties. Continue reading