Chronic Stress – Don’t let it get to you!

Chronic Stress - Don't let it get to you!

Stressed about stress? And with good reason!

Our lifestyles are just too busy. From the moment you wake up,( and hopefully you had a good night’s sleep) to the moment you crash back into bed, you kept going, without taking a time-out, lunch break or just a few minutes to catch your breath.

Don’t become a statistic!

This may seem normal to you, but the effects on your body is anything but normal. With the constant rise in statistics for dread diseases such as cancer and auto-immune diseases, there is usually a connection made to your stress level and lifestyle. We constantly say that we will start taking it easy next week, next month, next decade. Before you know it, the diagnosis is in, and you wish you had a wake-up call sooner. The year is still young, make that change before Chronic Stress changes you.

What is Chronic Stress?

Chronic Stress occurs when your body is constantly in under physiological stimulation or arousal. Your body experiences stressors so frequently and intensely, that your Autonomic Nervous system doesn’t get a chance to repair and regroup. Your Autonomic Nervous system helps by activating your body’s coping mechanism and relaxation response. Almost every body system becomes affected by stress, leading to changes in hormone activity, palpitations, angst and many more trouble causing factors.

Our bodies are resilient and made to handle stress, but that is the short-lived type of stress, known as acute stress. Anything more than that becomes damaging, producing cellular by-products and causing changes in pH, which is the breading ground for cancer cells or mutations.

Taking the necessary steps to guard yourself and to do damage control, will determine how your health is in the not-so-far away future. Like they say, time flies..

How can we help?

Our Bellabaci Circu Flow Genie and Cupping Massage system, is geared to repair, renew and relax your body. By implementing a healthy alternative treatment, combined with a few lifestyle tweaks here and there, you can pretty soon be a healthier version of you. The combination of Topical Homeopathy and Aromatic Oils, gently but effectively stimulates your body’s natural healing, repair and detoxification. Other benefits include a boost in energy, better quality of sleep, improved metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

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