Diet Tips That Really Work!

Diet Tips that really work - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping

There are way too many products out there today that claim to have you thin and svelte by the end of this weekend, week or month. Most of us have fallen onto this trap at some point, only to walk away frumpier than before, and the disappointment lingers longer than we expect.

We have assembled some tried and tested diet tips and advice that won’t set you up for failure, but rather to motivate and put you on the right path to permanent weight loss success. These tips also target cellulite and flab, so read on!

Make these diet tips a part of your daily life and you will come out a winner!

  • Start your day with 1-2 glasses of warm water with added fresh lemon juice on an empty stomach. This assists the body to remove excess fatty deposits and cleanses your organs and digestive system. Drink at least 2 liters per day and have a glass 30 minutes prior to any meal. Thirst pains feel exactly like hunger pains, so sort out the possibility of the one with the least amount of calories out first!
  • Chew your food bites at least 20 times each. This leaves less work for your body to do, and it can focus more on where the nutrients must go and what to remove for waste. It also helps you to consume your meal slower, and you will receive the fullness signal from your brain sooner than when you devour your plate.
  • Choose a smaller plate to eat from. Studies have shown that plate size matters more than we think. The bigger the plate, the more we tend to load on. So try a side plate or desert bowl rather than the normal sizes.
  • Make protein your main concern to fill up on. Protein feeds muscle, and muscle burns fat. Starch, especially refined starches give you a sugar spike, only to leave you tumbling down and feeling like a snack within the hour. Choose wholesome starches such as brown rice, wholegrain breads and pastas.
  • Choose a form of exercise you actually enjoy. There is no point in deciding on a strict jogging regimen, when you dislike breaking out in a sweat. Fun activities such as dancing, or cooler type activities like swimming is just as great for burning calories and building muscle, and when it’s something you love doing, you won’t feel like it’s a torture tactic!BellabaciCellulitekit
  • Add our famous Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit for 10 minutes per day. This system is focused on removing diet resistant fat, cellulite and toxins that may be interfering with your weight loss goals easily and naturally. It also assists with speeding up your metabolism, emotional eating and anxiety and increases blood and lymph flow to accelerate your weight loss capability. This kit is all natural and organic, paraben free and the results are fast and visible within a few short weeks. Read more on its benefits by clicking here!

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