The Difference between Gel, Lotion and Cream

The Difference between Gel, Lotion and Cream - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Not sure if you should buy a lotion, gel or cream for your beauty needs? Consistency plays a big role in whether a product is a hit or a miss in the very competitive world of topical applications. There are many pro’s and con’s, but we think we have our favorite..wink wink

The cosmetics counters can be very overwhelming with all the latest beauty products. The main factor which needs to be considered is if the consistency of the product will be the correct “vehicle” for the active ingredients, for you. It should also suit your lifestyle, be travel friendly and most important of all, not make a mess!

Let’s have a look at the difference between gel, lotion and cream.


  • Transparent preparations containing cellulose esters or carbomer in water or a water-alcohol mixture.
  • Gels liquify on contact with the skin, dry and can leave a thin film of residue.
  • Gels tend to be drying due to alcohol content.
  • Gels are usually non-comedogenic and the preferred choice for acne-prone skins.
  • Gels may leave the skin feeling sticky and unclean.
  • They are cosmetically acceptable, although not nourishing enough for dry skins.
  • Hot temperatures may interfere with gel-thickness, liquefying on contact. This may decrease the “user friendliness” of the product.


  • Cream contains emulsifiers and preservatives which may cause contact allergy.
  • Creams are more greasy and slower to absorb.
  • Creams have high viscosity. They may include occlusive or comedogenic type ingredients, which are detrimental to acne-prone skins.
  • Creams have decreased spreadability.
  • Creams are not recommended for very hairy areas.


  • Lotions are thinner than creams, and are often packaged in a pump. They absorb very quickly and feel very light on the skin.
  • Lotions is a used term that nowadays includes any liquid preparation in which inert or active medications, or even essential oils and homeopathic remedies are suspended or dissolved.
  • Emulsion type lotions are usually not drying, and can be used on dry skins.
  • Lotions are easy to apply to large areas.
  • Lotions are suitable for skin prone to folliculitis/acne, intertriginous areas.
  • Lotions are easier to spread on hairy areas.
  • Lotions are usually not sensitive to fluctuating temperatures or climates.

And the winner is…drum roll please..  Lotions!

These preparations seem to have more pro’s than cons, and are an excellent choice of vehicle for active ingredients, due to the small molecular structure. They can be used whether the skin type is dry, normal or oily. Lotions also work great with your Bellabaci Cups! These hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups are perfect to reduce the effects of ageing, pain relief, spider veins, cellulite, stretch marks, and these are just to name a few!

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