Does Cupping Therapy Hurt?

Many people today are using Cupping Therapy as a means of achieving relief and a  state of wellness, but a question we often hear is: Does Cupping Therapy hurt or is it a relaxing treatment to experience. Well, the sharp rise in people turning to Cupping Therapy should already tell you something, many celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and many more, sing its praises.

Negative pressure, rather than tissue compression is superior for bodywork for pain, stubborn conditions, repetitive strains, inflammation, toxicity, chronic fatigue, cellulite, digestive problems and a slough of other issues we confront as we grow older.

Suction cups rapidly facilitate rigid soft tissue release, loosens & lifts connective tissue, breaks up and drains stagnation while increasing blood & lymph flow to skin & muscles in ways not possible using compression.

Another benefit of Cupping is that it can feel really great when done properly for your constitution and current physiology and/or condition. The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move through the entire body. It is not unusual to fall asleep when receiving this treatment. You will be surprised at how relaxed, warm and light you’ll feel – hours… sometimes even days afterwards.

Cupping is a powerful detoxifying, pain relieving and energy building modality that people all over the world use for health maintenance. But there are also a huge number of conditions that respond positively to Cupping Therapy.

The after effects of Cupping are most intense at the beginning of receiving treatments, and lessen dramatically as your system becomes accustomed to the treatments as they accumulate. Besides the effects Cupping provides for specific conditions, injuries and illnesses, they also provide a general feeling of wellness and instant positive boost to all other body systems.

The effects are remarkable on hyper toxicity and aching muscles and activate the secretion of synovial fluids, which release joint stiffness in ways not possible using the pressure of traditional massage. It concurrently creates localized expansion of tissue, producing a profound vaso-dilation reaction – drawing blood flow to areas of ischemic pain, raising skin temperature, promoting metabolism within the skin tissue for better functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, flushing capillary beds, draining stagnant blood, toxins and lymph, and re-supplying vital nutrients.

Bellabaci exceeds the satisfaction of their clients with their skilled experienced staff attending to your cupping needs. Keeping clients comfortable throughout the cupping process. What makes this system even better, is that you can also treat yourself at home, as the cups are hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups and easily utilized at your own comfort level.

BellabaciCellulitekitWould you be interested in a personalized prescription? Contact us today and enter a new world of wellness with Bellabaci by your side.

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10 thoughts on “Does Cupping Therapy Hurt?

  1. Mariam Ebrahim says:

    I used to suffer with sinus headaches and poor circulation and my body is restored and functioning much better than before when I was young!

  2. Juta Ho Kim says:

    I am a trained Acupuncturist and I perform Cupping as well, and it’s really great to use your cups, no need to worry about them breaking at all. My patients achieve the ultimate wellness once they start this therapy. There is a reason why it has been around for thousands of years and did you know it was the first recognized medical treatment of the ages!

  3. Laura De Candia says:

    My mom has gone for cupping therapy often and taken us as well every time my brother and I were sick or injured, it really works!

  4. Michael Strauss says:

    The proof is in the pudding and this treatment has improved my quality of life with fantastic results, everyone should be trying it. Much better than going for injections..

  5. Werner Du Preez says:

    I’ve tried many different treatments as well, but since using your Aches an Pains combo, my headaches are a thing of the past, great treatment all round I’d say. Kind Regards, W. Du Preez

  6. Nolene Wepener says:

    I completed your training and introduced The Bellabaci system to my clients and they are all getting amazing results! It really also helps that they can do their own maintenance at home themselves, great investment!

  7. Monique Wilson says:

    Cupping helped me to get rid of my chronic backpain, been pain free for years now without the need for any pain pills and such.

  8. Theresa Reid says:

    I used to go for traditional Chinese cupping but always came away black and blue, your cups are SO much better!

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