How to Treat Winter Skin

The Solution to Winter Skin - Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Unless you are living in the Caribbean, your turn will come when you will have to deal with seasonal skin changes. The worst of them is usually during the cold months as the added factor of sensitivity due to extreme dryness is thrown into the mix.Learning how to treat winter skin is simpler than you think! Just a few tweaks here and there can restore comfort and reduce the chances of any skin damage. Dry skin ages the fastest, so doing our utmost to keep our skins nourished from the inside and out will see you ageing gracefully in the long term.

Tips to prevent dry, winter-skin:

Use a humidifier.

Central heating or the use of air-conditioning to supply heat may have you feeling warm and fuzzy, but it has a negative effect on skin. It literally strips the moisture from the air..and your skin. Humidifiers helps to put back the moisture in the air, and they are usually low cost, so don’t worry too much about expense. Your eyes will also feel better as dry eyes leave us feeling tired and sentitive.

Load up on your Omega’s.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential nutrients which lubricates your body from within. Dosage here is key so speak to your pharmacist about what the correct dosage would be so that your skin can benefit. Some doctors suggest no less than 3000mg is necessary in a daily dosage, for it to become beneficial for your skin as organs and body systems has first option to take what they need. These nutrients’ uptake is also better at night, so keep it next to your bed so you’ll have them in plain view!

Drink Water.

Yes, we all know this one, but it can be hard during the cold months to drink the desired amount of 8 glasses per day. Although not ideal, eating fruit and drinking herbal teas which are caffeine and sugar-free will also contribute to your daily fluid intake.


Making sure your skin is nourished from the outside will add protection in the form of a barrier, to seal in your moisture and prevent trans-epidermal water-loss. Choosing the right medium can also reinforce your skin’s natural protective barrier, so choose one that contains skin-friendly oils which are natural and organic. We recommend our famous Skin Get A Life Genie oil-lotion, which is packed with skin-loving oils such as organic coconut and rosehip seed oil to name a few. With the added benefit of topical Homeopathy and Aromatherapy, you can also address skin concerns such as ageing, eczema/psoriasis and loss of elasticity. Contact us for a free personalized recommendation and discover the Bellabaci Solution.

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