Learn Cupping Therapy Massage with Bellabaci

Learn Cupping Therapy Massage with Bellabaci - By Bellabaci Cupping

Are you ready to offer your clients a treatment so awesome, that you will not only add to their health but make a difference in their wellness, cellulite, ageing, and that’s just to name a few?

Learn cupping therapy massage and better yet, the Bellabaci Cupping Massage Technique, to empower yourself and offer a treatment to your clients that will really make a difference. It will also put you as a professional, at a cut above the rest.

Cupping Therapy is an Ancient Chinese Therapy that has been around for centuries and was one of the first medically recognized treatments of the ages. Its’ effects on the body is so immense, that you can treat the body up to 4 inches deep into the body.

The Bellabaci Professional Massage Kit contains everything you need to empower you to confidently treat your clients, and give you access to the Bellabaci Team to answer any questions you may have. Our FDA approved system has many benefits for the clients as well as the therapist and we issue a Certificate of Completion when you submit the examination back to us. We also offer the best choice of massage medium known as The Bellabaci Genies, which are our range of 4 luscious lotions which turns into luxurious oil on application. These special formulas make use of the treatment modalities of Homeopathic and Aroma-Therapeutic ingredients to add a powerful deep treatment to restore, renew and revive.

Here are just a few reasons to learn Cupping Therapy Massage:

  • Take the stress and strain off your wrists and back and enjoy a long massage career.
  • Learn the Bellabaci Cupping Massage Technique at your own pace.
  • Offer your clients a result-driven treatment that will improve their health and wellness
  • With the Bellabaci Cups you can offer from the most superficial lymphatic massage to the deepest sports massage.
  • Introduce your clients to a natural treatment modality.
  • It’s fun and simple to use.
  • Offer this treatment with little to no overheads as no other machinery is required. Perfect also for mobile therapists who want to bring their clients a specialized treatment.
  • Be able to treat a multitude of concerns and prescribe specialized treatment programs for the individual.

Learn Cupping Therapy Massage With BellabaciContents of the Bellabaci Massage Therapist’s Kit:

2 soft body cups
2 hard body cups
2 facial cups (one soft and one hard)
A 45 min DVD
A training manual
A travel bag

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Happy Cupping!kiss

8 thoughts on “Learn Cupping Therapy Massage with Bellabaci

  1. Helen Craig says:

    I use this kit every day in my salon and i also use the facial cups on my own skin, all my clients have noticed a reduction in wrinkles and that i am looking much better, which motivates them as well, great products!

  2. Marion Newman says:

    Since i started using this kit, my wrists have recovered from Repetitive Strain Injury, so grateful and my clients actually prefer the cups now instead of using my hands or elbows for their knots!

  3. Mariska Engelbrecht says:

    This system has really made a difference as to how i look at my clients. For the first time in a while i can really see results!

  4. Nicky Grobler says:

    I was quite apprehensive when i first purchased this kit, but it was so easy to learn and my clients love it! I also started to stock your retail range a month ago and they are flying off the shelf! Thanks again for my awesome certificate! From Nicky Grobler

  5. Bianca Palage says:

    My spa can’t keep up with all the bookings since i introduced your system. The results and the Genies are amazing! Keep up the great work! Bianca Palage

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