Liver Health – Lose that ill feeling

Liver Health - Lose that ill feeling

Liver Health sets the course for your  future, happy self..

Are you waking up to feeling like you partied all night long? Your liver may need some help!

So, where does your liver come in?

Toxins move from your cells, through your lymph and heads towards your 2 thoracic ducts. Then it is dumped in the major veins that go to your liver for final toxin processing. If you inhale or ingest something toxic, then the toxins enter your circulation and head directly to your liver. If your liver is working properly, it is keeping your body clean of trash. This is absolutely vital for your health and survival.

What’s the big deal?

Your liver cannot do its job properly if it is overworked due to too much toxin exposure, illness etc. When toxin levels rise, it causes  a significant amount of stress in the body. Toxins can irritate vital organs such as your heart, brain and kidneys, if they remain in the circulation for too long. This leads to lymphatic congestion as your blood simply cannot tolerate any more toxins coming in that your liver cannot get rid of.

Some people with sinus or digestive issues are constantly overworking their liver from toxic byproducts of imbalanced bacteria and Candida. It is like they have their own internal brewery. Obvious problems include too much alcohol, smoking, drugs, and the number of prescription medications a person is on.

Typical liver-related toxic stress includes:

  • headaches (mostly on temples or sides of head)
  • dry skin
  • nausea (especially in the morning)
  • a poisoned or irritable feeling
  • dark circles or bags under the eyes
  • fluid retention under the skin (puffy skin)
  • skin problems  

Note: Lymph related skin problems are mostly from the shoulders up due to where pressure forces them, whereas the livers inability to clear toxins can cause skin problems anywhere on the body.

Why do i feel so ill?!

If you get sick and after a few days you feel like you have been run over by a truck, then you know full well what an acute and intense toxic overload feels like. Many people struggle with much smaller versions of these toxic feelings on a daily basis. People with fibromyalgia actually feel sick without being sick when they try to do too much for their level of fitness and end up feeling too toxic.

One response of your liver to toxic overload is to get the toxins as far away from your heart as possible, which means leave them in your toes (painful). Another solution is to stuff them into fat (cellulite!). If you wake up in the morning and all your joints feel sore then it is often because toxins have settled in them during the night. As you get up and move around your body mechanically pumps them out of the joints. When your liver works better any of the above issues improve.

Your liver uses a variety of enzymes to neutralize many toxins, and needs a high amount of antioxidants to neutralize them.

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