Massage Therapists – You snooze, you Bruise

Shout out to the new age massage therapists out there! Keeping you posted on how to take it easy while working hard…

Do you need a deep tissue massage after every deep tissue massage performed? Well, I use to feel your pain. And then I got with the times and discovered Bellabaci, which changed my life, saved my wrists and prolonged my massage therapist career with years.

So listen closely.

Bellabaci massage is a simplified form of ancient cupping. Soooo easy to do though. Performed with silicone, hand squeezed, vacuum cups, massage has never been easier or more effective. Both therapist and client benefit much more!!
By creating suction and negative pressure, the massage will drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions, lift the connective tissue and bring blood flow to tight muscles and skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity and improves muscle function.

Most importantly though: less stress and strain on your body. Faster, better results, even to old ailments. No machinery is required, so your client can hear the nice, relaxing spa music while she is getting the best treatment of her life and planning her next visit for this incredible massage.

O my goodness, does it feel great!!! Once the oil (preferably Genie in a bottle, Bellabaci oil lotion) is applied and the body is warmed up, the Bellabaci suction cups is applied and moved according to a sequence. Immediate redness, yes, that’s right, no more 10 minute deep pressure, sweating and tiring massage to see a slight pink colour. Circulation is improved immediately and a nice, warm, tingling sensation is present for the client. By this time the question “Can I buy these?” , is asked at least twice before you can say yes.

At home the Bellabaci cups is used as an extension to your fantastic massage treatment for aches and pains in muscles, Cellulite, boy its good for cellulite, Spider veins, circulation and the list goes on and on. Very easy to use and you never have to replace them. You can wash it with hot soapy water and there you go.
This is only a brief introduction to your world of Bellabaci cupping massage therapy. No excuse for sore wrists and strained bodies.

Tried, tested and loved by young, old and the best of the best. And that’s what’s up.

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Happy Cupping!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!