How about a Pain Free body in 2014?

Are you looking for a natural solution for pain?

More pain than you can manage?

Let the Bellabaci Aches and Pains Get Lost Genie grant your pain-free wishes!

What’s in it for you? No more pain!

Make 2014 your year for choosing natural pain relief over chemical, and holistic healing over temporary relief. Our medical panel have chosen just the right ingredients to address every aspect of your pain. Whether you need to heal after trauma or relieve sciatic pain, this Genie will make you forget your woes and ouch’s.

What will it treat?

This remedy has got what you need to treat stiffness and restore flexibility. Say goodbye to making sounds like snap, crackle and pop when you roll out of bed. Reduce inflammation and speed up healing after injury, sprains and strains. Use as a preventative measure and treatment for when disaster migraines or headaches strike.Even jaw pain (Temporomandibular joint pain) will dissolve from all that teeth-grinding you’ve been doing due to your year-end soaring stress-levels.  Don’t worry about your clothing or linen when you apply it before bedtime, this Genie won’t stain your sheets! (Thank you Coconut oil!)

What is in this magic potion?!

The complimenting synergy of topical Homeopathic remedies with the age-old wisdom of Aromatherapy, makes this innovative no-more-pain potion unique and may we say, very, very special. The Aches and Pains Get Lost Genie contains the  purest organic ingredients, each handpicked for its healing power on the nervous, muscle, skeletal system and everything in between. The Genie contains from the famous healer Arnica Montana to the anti-rheumatic relief that Katafray offers. Add to that Black Cohosh and Rhus Tox, and you are well on your way to a pain free body.

Does it only work with the Bellabaci Cups?

For optimal results, use in conjunction with your Bellabaci Cups. The cups will help to speed up the circulation and healing, and of course, help with product penetration. The Pain Genie and The Cups are both a stand alone treatment. So, if you don’t have 10 minutes for your cupping massage, just apply the Pain Genie to your problem area and reap the benefits!

Top Tip: Apply just after a bath or shower when your body is warm. Use daily, or as directed by your physician or therapist.

Bellabaci Genies - Heal your Body

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Happy Cupping Everyone!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!


2 thoughts on “How about a Pain Free body in 2014?

  1. Reynard says:

    Fantastic product! No more headaches for me, even my sinus and allergy related headaches are better!

    • keren says:

      Thank you for your comment Reynard!
      Glad you are feeling better and remember that the results are cumulative, to it will just get better and better!

      Happy Cupping!
      The Bellabaci Team

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