How to prevent Acne

How to prevent Acne - By Bellabaci Cupping

Acne is a condition that has resulted in many hiding in their rooms, cancelling dates and eating copious amounts of ice cream. When we look at how this unwanted condition occurs, then maybe we can start to do our best to learn how to prevent acne from getting in our way for the future.

There are a few factors that start the groundwork for the increased chance of a breakout. A few simple steps performed correctly and regularly, can have a great effect in having a smooth and bump free skin.

Have you heard of a Microcomedone?

This is where it starts. When dead skin cells are not removed regularly and start to pile up, they block the entrance to you hair shaft ducts, and begin the clogging process. This process is not yet visible, which is why it is called a Micro-comedone, which explains why we are sitting ducts for when the other factors come into play..

Androgens – The hormone of horror.

A rise in androgen causes excess oil production, which then fills up your pores and causes those unsightly white and black heads, also known as closed and open comedones. So the plot (or plug) thickens..literally.

All hail the P-Acnes.

When sebum is stuck in a pore, it becomes food for bacteria and then leads to further bacterial growth. This bacterial growth is known as Propionibacteriums or P-acnes. Prepare to say hello to those acne bumps!

Here comes Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer – Inflammation is rife.

Where there are P-acnes, you will find inflammation as the P-acnes release certain chemical signal which causes inflammation by the pre-formed comedones and spreads into the surrounding skin. This causes those huge red and pustular types of acne. All 4 types of lesions can now be found when this process has occurred, which are known as papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

So, what is the solution to preventing acne?

Regular exfoliation, and proper skin care routines can greatly reduce your chances of the initial microcomedone from forming. Using your Skin Get a Life Genie and Facial Cupping massage combo is the perfect combat for keeping your skin clean, way down below.
The Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Genie, our luscious lotion which turns into a deep treatment oil on application keep skin healthy for the following reasons:

Say Hello to the Bellabaci Skin Get a Life and Facial Cupping Massage Combo!

Only oil can dissolve oil, so when you apply an oil with bacteria-fighting ingredients such as organic coconut oil, you will deeply cleanse your skin and remove that what shouldn’t be there.
The Skin Get A Life Genie formula contains ingredients that fight inflammation, and is anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature.
The combination of topical Homeopathy and Aromatherapy synergies also speeds up the repair work of your skin, when there is trouble in paradise. skin-get-a-life-face-cup-combo

Combining this pro-active formula with your Bellabaci Facial cups, our hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups based on the treatment success of Ancient Chinese Cupping, you will achieve a constant and professional result in the comfort of your own home. Just apply your Genie, lightly squeeze the cup and follow the skin cleansing diagram provided. And all it takes is a few minutes!

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Happy Cupping Beauties!kiss

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  1. Tamara Mans says:

    Great article, i finally understand what’s going on with my skin! Just ordered my products, can’t wait to get them!

  2. bianca says:

    I use the Skin Get a Life Genie on my clients who have acne on their back and their skins are looking so much better! Going to try to use a light suction with your Body Cups as well on those with no inflammation and active acne but have blackheads, will let you know how we progress!

  3. Marion Newman says:

    My clients are getting great results with these products, and I can clearly see the diference and that makes me as a therapist verrrry happy! 🙂

  4. Amanda Burns says:

    i neeeeed this! Just placed my order and was very happy to see i get free shipping, so cool! Regards, Amanda

  5. Yumna Goga says:

    I love how the facial cups feel and i’ve noticed a wonderful difference since i started using your Skin Get A Life Genie, really fab!

  6. Nicky Grobler says:

    I used to take medicine for my acne but it made me feel horrible, this is so much better and my skin is clear! Thanks, Nicky

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