Professional Treatments VS Home Care

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Empower your client to increase their results, with you!
When you have reached a plateau in your professional treatments with your clients and results are standing still, you are at most risk of losing your client to the therapist next door.

Many therapists shine away from prescribing their clients a proper home care system, for fear that they will become redundant. But the savvy, go for gold therapist understands that there is a difference between a professional treatment and home care.

To cater to your client’s needs, the best way possible, and treatment needs to be on-going. This includes the professional treatment room and the client’s home to achieve cumulative and positive outcomes. The body never shuts down and every day is a new day for either improvement, or toxic invasion. Ensuring your client has the best of the best at home, will render a long-term, bff-client-for-life.

In the professional treatment room, is where the magic happens. Consultation follows with a proper treatment protocol, decisions are made as to how regular and how long the treatment shall be and what the short and long term goals are.
Sometimes, it gets lost in translation, of how the client can actually assist you to achieve better results for him/herself. It’s a known fact that a happy client, will send at least a few of her nearest and dearest to you as well, which will build up your business, and that is free marketing !

The products we offer to empower you to heal your client’s body, are effective and you can be confidant in the service you offer. But, go the extra mile and decide which products your clients can use for effective homecare as well. What your client will learn to do, will help with maintenance but it will never replace the hands of the therapist.

Your client will thank you for it!

Happy Cupping!kiss