What is a proper skin care routine?

What is a proper skin care routine

Is your skin the ultimate picture of health and youthfulness or do you think you are lacking in some areas? Deciding on a skin care routine that not only suits your lifestyle, but also your pocket, can make or break your success to achieving your skin care goals.

Some seem to over-clutter, meaning using to many products from different product houses and you never really get those results promised on the container. Sticking to one product house, and simplifying your morning and evening routine can set the groundwork to looking your best, just a short while from now.

So, what does a simple skin care routine look like?


Step 1: The Cleanse

This step should never be skipped, as it lays the foundation of what is to follow. Using just a facial wipe to remove your make-up also doesn’t serve you well, as you are not rinsing out your pores which may be blocked with the day’s make-up and environmental aggressors such as pollution. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type. Gel for oily, lotion for normal or combination and cream for dry skin is your average guideline. Then there are also “intelligent cleansers” available that is focused on a specific skin ailment such as hyper-pigmentation or acne, so keep an eye out for those. It is always a better investment to ensure you talk to a qualified  Skin Esthetician, who can do a proper facial analysis for you and product recommendation. Just be sure to tell him or her what will suit your budget and lifestyle so that you can maintain it month after month. Professional products are also much more concentrated and seem to last much longer than products available off the shelf.

Step 2: Exfoliation

This step usually only needs to be done 2-3 times per week as over-exfoliation can cause havoc for your oil glands, leading to an overproduction. Try to find a gel exfoliant, made from enzymes, as they are the safest to ensure that you get an even exfoliation, without causing damage. Some granular exfoliants are quite abrasive, and can scratch your skin, or you can overdo it in some areas and slack off in other, giving you and uneven exfoliation.

Step 3: Eye Care

Even from the age of 20, you can start to implement proper eye care, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Deep wrinkles around the eye areas are showing up in younger age groups than before, so get one that works for you. Remember to apply it right around the eye, catching the inside corner of skin where your nose and eye brow meets, as this is a big target area for wrinkles to start. Don’t go to close to your eye, as contact with your mucous membranes or tear ducts can cause irritation.

Step 4: Moisturize

There is a reason why you get a separate day and night cream, as the function of the day cream is to protect and maintain (it should definitely contain a UVA/UVB protector of SPF15 or higher) and the function of the night cream is to treat, as oxygen levels in your skin is higher at night, improving the uptake of repairing ingredients. Keeping the skin well moisturized really plays a vital role against ageing, as a dry skin ages fast do to malnourishment and stretching of the skin. If your skin feels dry after applying your cream, wait 2 minutes and apply another layer. It may be a good idea then to look for a more hydrating cream, or using a serum if it is during the winter months, to boost your skin’s reservoir of moisture.

Step 5: Sunscreen!

This step is probably the most important one in your skin care routine. Almost 90% of ageing is due to external factors such as sun exposure and extreme temperatures. Only 10% of how you age is due to your genetics, as the elements present today were not there when your granny was in her prime. The contamination of food and water is also much more real today, so if you are not taking care to eat super organic food, chances are your skin is suffering as all nourishment first goes to your vital organs and body systems.. Remember that the time duration of an SPF’s affectivity is around 4 hours, so if you apply at 7am, chances are it is not working as well around 11am. The problem is then that women don’t like to apply a sunscreen over their make-up so finding a tinted moisturizer with a spf of 15 to 30 might be your answer. Try not to use an SPF higher than 30, as the chemical content is too much, which can lead to inflammation, which may then lead to hyper-pigmentation.

When you have mastered these steps, you can venture into adding masks and serums to up your game. Using our Skin Get a Life Facial Combo may be just what you need to deeply treat your skin with the professional results to build collagen and elastin, deep cleanse and firm up, so keep an eye out for that as it’s the facial tool everybody needs!

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