The Protein Diet and Cellulite

Protein DIets and Cellulite - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Ever wonder how a Protein Diet and Cellulite feel about each other? Protein helps build muscles, boosts your metabolism, and fills you up. Cellulite hates it!

Firstly, because it can help you lose weight. Many experts believe that fat – plain, old fat – is the real cause of cellulite. More precisely, they say that cellulite is caused by pockets of fat bulging out from beneath your skin. And even if you’re slim elsewhere, you probably store fat on your bottom and thighs (most women do), and that’s where cellulite lurks. So shift some fat, and you’ll shift some cellulite.

Protein helps you lose pounds because it helps keep your blood sugar levels steady, which means you stay feeling fuller for longer. It also helps prevent sugar cravings, so you’ll be less likely to be tempted by that ice-cream sundae, cake or chocolate bar.

Secondly, protein also contains important amino acids that help produce fresh collagen, so it’s good for your skin – whether it’s on your face or your behind. Keeping your skin in great condition means your cellulite is less noticeable.

Protein also helps build muscle. By increasing your muscle mass, you’ll boost your metabolic rate, and your body will become more efficient at burning off calories.

Experts also say that proteins contain a substance called albumin, which helps absorb excess fluid in your tissues. Water retention around the thighs and bottom is another oft-quoted cause of cellulite. So if you tend to retain water, aim to eat optimum amounts of lean protein to help reduce water retention.

Oh, and protein’s also good for your brain function too. And if you eat enough of it, it’ll make you so sharp-witted, cerebral and brilliant that no one will notice your cellulite anyway.

So, How Does Protein Help Treat Cellulite?

About 15-20% of your diet should come from proteins and we should aim to eat three portions a day. Women need about 45 g each day. If you consume a 2,000 calories-per-day diet, roughly 300 of those calories should come from protein. Use your plate as a gauge: divide it into three and imagine filling about a third with protein foods such as turkey, cottage cheese, fish and nuts.

Recent studies have shown that just by increasing your daily intake of protein to 25-30% you can lose several kilos. But don’t go overboard. High-protein diets may have been all the rage this millennium, but they come with heavy warnings from nutritionists as excessive intakes of protein can have adverse effects on your kidneys, your bones and your breath!

cellulitebegonekitSo if you want to increase your protein intake, make sure it doesn’t exceed 30% of your overall dietary intake. And also make sure you eat plenty of calcium-rich foods such as cottage cheese and yoghurt, as some research suggests that diets rich in protein may prevent calcium loss from the bones.

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