Symptoms of Iron deficiency – Fight Fatigue like this!

Symptoms of iron deficiency - Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping

Are you feeling fatigued even though you are exercising, sleeping enough and getting plenty of fresh air? Maybe it’s time to check if you have low iron levels. An easy way to find out is via a finger prick test which is usually performed for free when you donate blood or at your local clinic.

The most common symptoms iron deficiency can include:

• Extreme fatigue.
• Weakness
• Shortness of breath
• Chest pain
• Headaches
• Dizziness or light headedness
• Pale skin.
• Frequent infections.

Why do you feel tired from an iron deficiency?

The reason you feel exhausted from an iron deficiency is because your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to carry the much needed oxygen to its many different body parts. It may also be that your red blood cell makes less hemoglobin than normal, Hemoglobin is the iron-rich protein found in red blood cells and it helps to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.

Looking for a natural solution to iron deficiency related exhaustion?

A natural solution to feeling less fatigued from an iron deficiency is by introducing your body to The Bellabaci Circuflow Kit! This kit was put together after much research and enables the user to feel better within minutes.
The kit consists of 3 healing modalities which are:

The Kese Mitt:

Used daily, the Bellabaci Kese Mitt immediately stimulates your micro-circulation and leaves you feeling energized, not to mention that your skin will also be as smooth as silk!

The Circuflow Genie:

Our medical panel have chosen specific ingredients shown to have a positive and treatment effect on the body from the best of Homeopathy and Aromatherapy, to naturally increase oxygen supply in the blood, speed up the blood circulation, nourish the cells and produce better iron rich red blood cells. This formula can be used as a stand-alone treatment as well, for when you don’t have time for the other 2 steps. The  Bellabaci Circuflow Genie starts off as a luscious lotion, but turns into a luxurious and deep treatment oil on application. With the main carrier oil being organic Coconut, it also won’t stain your clothes or linen and deeply moisturize your skin too,

The Bellabaci Body Cups:

The Bellabaci Body Cups are a modern take on the Ancient treatment technique called Cupping Therapy. Our cups are hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups which are simple to use and are made from medical grade silicone which don’t break. (make sure that your cup says Bellabaci, and that you have not been duped by a cheap knock-off! By massaging your body with the cups, you will stimulate the production of fresh blood circulating faster in your body, to take its much needed oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The effects of cupping massage stays for hours after the treatment has ceased due to the great stimulation of your blood circulation and you will feel the glow because cupping massage works up to 4 inches deep into the body!

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  1. Tamara Mans says:

    I also used to go for professional cupping sessions, but it was was way too painful, these cups are also getting rid of my cellulite, so I’m really happy!!

  2. Laura De Candia says:

    I used to go for regular cupping therapy but i find this system much more effective because i can treat myself daily. It’s also saved me a lot of money! Just love the smell of the Genie too! Love, Laura

  3. George Anderson says:

    I’ve been looking for a natural treatment for my daughter, will order this for her. Thank you for an informative article. Regards, George Anderson

  4. Pia-Marie Briggs says:

    I actually started using this last week, feeling so much more energized and my spider veins are gone!!

  5. Mariska Engelbrecht says:

    I definitely want to get this kit, really beats swallowing those horrible tablets that make you all constipated! Pills seem to fix one thing but then create a problem somewhere else! Not cool!

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