Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Deep is no problem with Cupping Therapy!

Feeling tight chested when you have the flu can disrupt anyone’s mood. Not only does it interfere with your quality of sleep (which is also when the body heals and repairs itself!), but also your ability to inhale and make use of proper lung function. Most of us have poor breathing techniques which means that we are barely using a third of our lung capacity. So, one can imagine that it decreases even more when you are ill and producing excess phlegm. Continue reading

Lavender? Spike me up!

Lavender? Spike me up!

Did you know that Lavender has different species, and some are more potent than others? We choose Lavender Spike oil!

Whether you are a professional massage therapist or layman, we have all come to love the calming smell of Lavender. It’s properties, however, are so important. We just cannot afford to leave it out of our medicine cabinet. If there is one essential oil that makes the cut for being your first aid oil, it’s this one. This is your “go-to” oil for so many different ailments. So keep it close! Continue reading

The Difference between Gel, Lotion and Cream

The Difference between Gel, Lotion and Cream - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Not sure if you should buy a lotion, gel or cream for your beauty needs? Consistency plays a big role in whether a product is a hit or a miss in the very competitive world of topical applications. There are many pro’s and con’s, but we think we have our favorite..wink wink Continue reading

Celebs are Cupping!

Celebs are Cupping! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Celebs are Cupping and not keeping it to themselves! Recently the tabloids and internet was flooded with pictures and video footage of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She was having cupping therapy on her buttocks! Instantly the focus was back on an ancient therapy. These celebs have been bringing it back into the spotlight and thank goodness for that! Other celebrities sporting their own set of cupping kisses are: Jennifer Aniston, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow. Even Kelly Osbourne and Victoria Beckham have been seen with cupping marks!

Continue reading

Do you need to Detox? Take our Quiz!

Cellulite Be Gone Kit

Not sure if you are in need of a good internal housecleaning? If you answer YES to more than 5 of the next 15 questions, chances are that you need a detox because your body is struggling to deal with the overload of toxins from stress, poor food choices and lack of exercise. Have a read through the questionnaire compiled by our Bellabaci Team and decide if you are going to join us in the war against toxins! Continue reading

6 Simple Immune System Boosters

6 Simple Immune System Boosters

We tend to get so caught up in the daily stresses of life that we board our auto-pilot function and don’t pay much attention to our immune system and the obvious things that keep our bodies working well. Have you have been following our blog and detoxing round the clock? Your lymphatic  and immune system may be working so hard at cleansing your body that a sneaky little influenza virus may take this grand opportunity to invade. This will for sure put a damper on your new road to wellness. So, how do we protect our immune system? Continue reading

Kate Middleton, start cupping for stretch marks!

Abdominal Massage

Congratulations to Kate Middleton from the Bellabaci Team for giving birth to a beautiful baby boy! She sure has done Prince William and the nation proud! Now that they are home, the reality of it all will start to sink in and Kate will become aware of some changes that happened to her baby carrying body the last 9 months.  Continue reading

How drinking water can improve your health

Chemical Peels

We all know that the one element that can make or break your detox success, is the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. Water helps to transport nutrients and vitamins to cells, takes the strain off you filtration organs and also speeds up toxin removal. It can even help you lose weight! Continue reading