Improve your muscle rehabilitation with Cupping Therapy

Improve your fitness performance with Cupping Therapy - By Bellabaci INT

Cupping therapy is a well-known myofascial decompression therapy in athletics. It is a holistic treatment that many sportsmen and women seek out for muscle rehabilitation. It also helps to improve athletic performance and recovery. Continue reading

It’s International Yoga Day – Let’s strike a pose!

It's International Yoga Day - Let's strike a pose! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

If you are the type that doesn’t like heart palpitations when exercising, then yoga is for you! Yoga is probably one of the oldest forms of disciplines around. Many think that it is merely a form of physical exercise but it is much more than that. Let’s celebrate International Yoga Day together and look at why Yoga is so very beneficial for you! Continue reading

New Health Resolutions for 2014

New Health Resolutions for 2014

Making small health changes can be easy!

Print these Health Resolutions, stick them on your fridge, bathroom mirror, kid’s forehead or your dashboard, wherever you’ll notice it.. Studies show that living by the 80% good and 20% bad rule, proves the most successful in living a health focused lifestyle. Losing weight also becomes easier as you take the pressure off by allowing yourself a little cheat now and again. Continue reading