Lymph Cleanse – Why You Need It

Lymph Cleanse - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage and Energetic Massage Oils

Fact: A regular Lymph cleanse helps to improve your immunity

Are you feeling pressure, stiffness or pain on either sides of your spine or around your shoulder blades?

That is lymphatic congestion causing some problems.. Each cell in your body is surrounded by fluid, called lymph. The lymph is what moves waste products through your various lymph channels and nodes. There are two main outlets (thoracic ducts) by your shoulders. You can determine how well your body is doing by your level of pain or stiffness. Continue reading

6 Simple Immune System Boosters

6 Simple Immune System Boosters

We tend to get so caught up in the daily stresses of life that we board our auto-pilot function and don’t pay much attention to our immune system and the obvious things that keep our bodies working well. Have you have been following our blog and detoxing round the clock? Your lymphatic  and immune system may be working so hard at cleansing your body that a sneaky little influenza virus may take this grand opportunity to invade. This will for sure put a damper on your new road to wellness. So, how do we protect our immune system? Continue reading