Why the women of Kenya have radiant skin

Why the women of Kenya have radiant skin - By Bellabaci Cupping

My true passion is creating beautiful skin, and the Circuflow Genie is any esthetician’s dream to do just that. The ingredients are sourced from their exact point of origin where it contains the highest potency. This is so that you can enjoy the benefits, as experienced in that specific country. I would love to share with you why the women of Kenya have radiant skin.  Their secret ingredient is a multi-functional wonder of nature. Read on to find out why it was chosen for the Circuflow Genie for Face and Body.  Continue reading

Tanning – The new addiction to think about

Tanning Addiction by Bellabaci

Everybody knows the dangers of addictive substances, and the impact they can have on your lives in the short- and long term. Many campaigns make it their mission to warn and inform about the warning signs of addictive behavior and substance abuse. A new “substance” that can be added to the list is the phenomena of Tanning Addiction! Continue reading