What are your stress signs?

What are your stress signs? - By Bellabaci INT

Stress related health issues have become such a common part of daily life. Do you know how to identify them? Some stress signs are very subtle and can be ignored, whereas the outcome can be detrimental. Your body does show hints of distress, this is why you need to take that moment to breathe and take stock of your health. Continue reading

Emotional eating – Why you are grabbing the chips and dip?

Emotional eating - Why you are grabbing the chips and dip? - By Bellabaci Cupping

Does your mind travel to that tub of ice cream in the freezer after a stressful day at work or do you binge on buffet treats when you are at a party where you don’t know anyone? Or maybe you’ve had a tough day with the kids and you grab the chips and dip as soon as they are in bed?

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Difficult to lose Weight? This may be why!

Difficult to lose Weight? This may be why! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

This article posted by Greenhouse Health may shed some light as to why those kilo’s aren’t dropping!

Do you find it difficult to lose weight, even while you are Banting or trying other methods? Are you frustrated with being told that your thyroid blood levels are all normal? Is your body temperature below normal? You may be suffering from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. This form of sub-clinical hypothyroidism can be corrected. Continue reading

Kiss your cellulite goodbye

Kiss your cellulite goodbye - By Bellabaci Cupping

Are you suffering from painful joints and muscles? Migraines and headaches? Cellulite? Stretch marks? Spider veins or even digestive disorders?

Kiss your cellulite goodbye and your body better with the Bellabaci Body Massage System. The Bellabaci Massage system consists of two silicone cups scientifically designed to rid stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, improving the skins’ elasticity. This increases resistance to temperature and mechanical factors and improves muscle function. Continue reading

Are you really eating a healthy breakfast?

You may have heard your mom saying that eating a healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day a thousand times. Many tend to skip breakfast due to leading a stressed on-the-go lifestyle or they reckon that a calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you consume it.

Why is eating a healthy breakfast SO important for weight-loss?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Natural Remedies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Natural Remedies

Have you been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or suspect you may be at risk?

When standard medical treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome doesn’t bring the much needed relief, your doctor may point you towards Alternative Medicine. As we discussed on the previous article, there is no specific medical diagnostic tool or cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Your doctor may way want to do some tests to rule out an underlying medical condition. He may also refer you to a psychologist to rule out any mental health issues. Continue reading