Therapist Exhaustion – Is your burnout near?

No Pain, Only Gain!

Massage Therapy is one of the most passionate career choices out there. The constant love of helping clients, caring, listening, treating and assisting in the process of balance and harmony are characteristics not many have. It’s a career where you nurture constantly, and of course, if you are not taking the necessary steps, you can put yourself at risk for Therapist Exhaustion or Burnout.

So many exciting massage careers become short-lived, just because therapists are wired to take care of clients, and do not allow themselves to be taken care of! Although massage is hard, physical work, it does also take its toll on your emotional and mental state. A water stream cannot stay fresh, when it is continuously supplying the earth, but is not replenished by the main river. Adjusting and making a few small changes in your daily life of practicing therapeutic massage, can assist to ensure a happy, long life in the career that gives to so many.

Trade Massages with other therapists

It is a well-known characteristic of massage therapists, to want to be in control and may not like to be massaged themselves. This is usually due to the therapists not being in the frame of mind to be on the receiving end of the treatment. Talk to other therapists and decide when and where you can exchange massages, and try to mentally prepare yourself to receive calmly, with gratitude and self-love. You need massage just as much as the next person.

Choose your massage mediums wisely

Using Aromatherapy oils can host its own risk factors for the therapists, from excessive exposure. It is scientifically proven that essential oils are powerful, and influences the physical, mental and emotional state of the therapist and the client. If you usually use relaxing oils such as lavender, after performing e few massages, you yourself would have absorbed more than you should. This will lead to changes in hormonal activity, cortisol levels, nerve response and mental fatigue. Inhalation of essential oils as well as absorbing them through your skin, poses a double excessive, due to the potency of nature’s medicine cabinet.

Stay hydrated and eat well

Some high end spas or salons do not allow for the therapist to have a water bottle in the treatment room. If this is the case, you have to make sure that you drink a glass of water after each treatment you have performed. Dehydration is one of the top reasons why fatigue sets in and keeping your tank full will provide some extra energy for the day. Snacks high in protein are also more beneficial than carbohydrates such as bread. Nuts are also easily kept in your pocket, for when you don’t have the time to sit down for a meal.

Keep yourself grounded

Feet can become quite sore if you have been standing the whole day. Leaning on one foot or the other, just adds to your exertion, so try to refrain from having an imbalanced body posture. Deep breaths and tightening your stomach muscles also help to use your core muscles to carry yourself well throughout the day.

Visualization and Meditation

There are many techniques available to help re-energize the body and mind. Taking a few minutes for meditation during your day can greatly assist to clear your mind and energy. An example of a clearing technique is to visualize yourself standing under purple rain. If visualization is not your thing, just breathing in through your nose, and out with your mouth can already make a big difference. If you can do this outdoors, even better!

Use the Bellabaci Massage and Genie system

Are you not using Bellabaci yet? Here is why you should:
Our modernized form of cupping massage takes the strain out of massage, without cheating the client out of a deep tissue massage. Product penetration is also increased and will serve the client even better, through the process of reverse osmosis. Wrists are protected, while the client’s body is treated up to 4 inches deep, with this savvy system.

The Bellabaci Genies were also inspired by providing a solution for the client, while protecting the therapist. Intelligent technology and the right vibrational frequencies, ensures the therapist has a protective shield which will protect against exhaustion. Negative energy absorption is significantly less, ensuring a full work day, without the drawbacks of feeling burnt out at the end of your day. Use Bellabaci, not just to heal your clients, but also to be beneficial to you and your healthy career in massage therapy.

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