Tips on how to hide your Cellulite

Tips to hide your Cellulite

Did you take the step to do something effective about your Cellulite? You are just a few weeks away from having those smooth thighs you haven’t seen for some time.. But, what do you do in the meantime while you are waiting for your body to respond? Some may not realize that their elimination processes have been so damaged, that it may take a few weeks extra to get the party started.
Seeing visible results are around the corner if you are using The Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit, but if you need to don that new bikini before you’ve got your sexy back, these tips may help to hide your cellulite in the meantime.

Drink plenty of water.

Yes, you’ve heard this little piece of advice more times than you’d like to count, but it is true. Drinking your 8-10 glasses of pure water daily will speed up your elimination process. This will rid your body of excess fat and toxins sooner. A well-hydrated skin is also smoother, which helps to hide that which is making you feel self-conscious.

Use your Kese.

Using your Kese daily is a brilliant way to hide your cellulite. This superb form of total exfoliation speeds up your micro-circulation, easing blood-flow to the surface, giving you that glow and filling the dimples. In the long term it is one of the most important tools to get rid of cellulite, as a daily increase in blood circulation keeps your levels of supplied nutrients and oxygen to the cells intact, as well as aiding your lymphatics to remove what shouldn’t be there.

Apply a self-tan lotion.

There is truth it the notion that brown fat is better looking than white fat, so choose one that matches your skin tone, without that yucky orange look. Take care by areas where the skin is thin like your elbows, ankles, feet and knees. Rather mix a bit of moisturizer with it when applying to those areas, are they are always the tell-tale areas for self-tan. Using your Kese before applying your self-tan will also contribute to a smoother application. Oh, and remember to wash your hands and under your nails well, otherwise you’ll be stuck with an orange hue where you don’t want it!

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