How to treat Stretch Marks with this simple trick

How to treat stretch marks effectively - Bellabaci Cupping

No matter how great condition your body is in, the presence of a stretch mark can send confidence levels straight to the dumpster. Many who have lost great amounts of weight are shocked when they see the pearly white lanes creeping up their thighs, buttocks and stomach after all the blood, sweat and tears to get into shape. Time to do something about them? Definitely.

What causes stretch marks?

The most common causes of stretch marks is fluctuating weight due to pregnancy, drastic weight gain (usually from stress leading to emotional eating and binging) and certain medications which weaken skin such as cortisone.

When can you effectively treat stretch marks?

In life, the best time to strike is when the iron is red-hot, and the same goes for stretch marks. A stretch mark forms when the skin tears from too much pressure, and is essentially a scar. When they are still red, it means there is still blood circulating to the area, and blood means the prospect of regeneration is possible as well as an influx of oxygen and nutrients which feeds the cells to produce more collagen and elastin.

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To treat stretch marks, 3 things need to happen: Proper exfoliation, the application of a deep acting, healing and nourishing treatment product, and manual manipulation, which stimulates skin renewal by producing good quality collagen and elastin to rebuild and tighten the cells of the stretch mark. This kit has all the right stuff for you to easily treat your stretch marks with spectacular results. Read more on this amazing Skin Get A Life Body kit by clicking HERE!

Top Tip: Make sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 in your diet. This helps to keep your skin flexible, reduces inflammation and prevents tearing when taken at the correct dosages! If you do not like to swallow supplements, The Skin Get A Life Genie is packed with all types of amino and essential fatty acids available, so apply twice per day to your skin and keep it perfect!

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