Should you use a facial mask or not?

Should you use a facial mask or not?

This debate has gone on for some time. Those in favour say that using a mask can be the make or break of a good skin care routine, and those not in favour say it’s a waste of time and money.. Comparing the pro’s and con’s may shed some light on this grey subject.

Which facial mask are you using on your skin?

Depending on whether your skin care brand is of a professional nature, and not just picked randomly off the shelf, you may get some good out of using a mask regularly. Most masks recommend usage to twice per week. Now, that either means it is really potent to give you real results, or it may be of a nature to increase your risk of a break-out. Using a product only twice per week can surely not give lasting results?

Keep the cost to a minimum.

Some experts say that you shouldn’t spend more than $15 on a mask. The molecular structure of the added ingredients are larger in size than that of let’s say, a serum. This means that product penetration of active ingredients are limited and you may get taken for a ride if your mask promises to cure hyper-pigmentation and other deeper skin related issues.

Make sure your mask’s promises are realistic to your needs.

With this said, masking does have a place in a skin care routine when your expectations are realistic. Masking is great to nourish, hydrate, balance oil secretion and to refine. Masks applied at home should also not be confused with medical masks performed by specialists to treat a specific condition. An example of these are the use of prescriptive Ubiquinone masks to balance and do away with dark spots and related pigmentation issues. These ingredients can be harmful when in the wrong hands, and no product bought at a local shop or online store can have the right percentage of these active ingredients, as the supply is illegal and dangerous.

Be brave and make your own skin care mask!

Many masks can be made at home, at the fraction of the cost, with ingredients in your grocery cupboard. These are then freshly made and applied immediately before oxidation can occur, and you can address many skin conditions to suit your specific needs.

Have you tried any home-made facial masks? Leave a comment and tell us all about it! If you need some inspiration, read this article on how to perform your own home facial!

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