Are you using Mineral Oil on your skin? Stop!

Are you using Mineral Oil on your Skin? Stop! - By Bellabaci Cupping

Do you think an oil, is an oil, is an oil? If you are a user of mineral oil, you need to know that there is a big difference to using mineral oil on your skin, as compared to a natural oil such as Coconut or Moringa oil, for example. Not all oils are created equal, and those that are created in nature are much better for you than oils such as mineral oil.

The Hard Facts about Mineral oil:

Mineral oil is a synthetic oil, in other words, not natural!

  • It is comedogenic, which means that it blocks pores.
  • Mineral oil is made from crude oil, yes, you guessed it, crude oil or aka gasoline.
  • It degenerates natural materials such as silicone. Just think what it can do to skin! This is also why you cannot use mineral oil with your Bellabaci Cups as they are made from medical grade silicone!
  • Mineral oil absorbs your natural moisture from your skin, leaving you drier than before your application.
  • It is impossible for the body to absorb mineral oil, due to it being a foreign substance, and this slows down your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. This also means that any other active ingredients that were added will just sit on your skin, and not have the ability to penetrate as it is encapsulated by the mineral oil.
  • Studies suggest that Mineral oil can cause damage to the lungs, nervous system, skin and can also cause premature ageing. Then there are the cancer and health experts who feel that mineral oil has no place in the cosmetic industry.

How do you choose a health or beauty product?

Choosing a health or beauty product can be tricky, as the media overwhelms us with the latest fad, just to replace it with another one the next week. How can we be sure to choose what is good for us, without the confusion that the beauty industry carries? The best advice would be to know how to read ingredient labels, and sticking to as many natural ingredients as you can. The body’s uptake of natural ingredients are much higher than that of synthetic ingredients pumped full of chemicals, as your body systems do not recognize the synthetic ingredient, and this may trigger an immune response, leaving you with an allergic reaction known as Contact Dermatitis. Look out for ingredients which seem too chemical, and find out if there is anything natural left before purchasing.

What is the best choice for your health, beauty and wellness?

The Bellabaci Genies are your safest ( and most active) bet when it comes to reaping benefits, while keeping things as natural as possible. Our medical panel have carefully selected the best in natural, organic oils to give you the best results with the best nature can offer. The Genies also include the healing modalities of 3 powerful treatments, namely Natural Base oils, Energetic Synergies and Aromatic Complexes. Most synthetic ingredients available  are anyway just a poor copy of what the natural component already does! This is why choosing natural is also easier on your pocket as there are no chemical development necessary or the need for added chemicals to stabilize the product.

Treat yourself and your body well by choosing one of The Bellabaci Genies, and you will begin to see what nature really has to offer!

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