6 Simple Immune System Boosters

6 Simple Immune System Boosters

We tend to get so caught up in the daily stresses of life that we board our auto-pilot function and don’t pay much attention to our immune system and the obvious things that keep our bodies working well. Have you have been following our blog and detoxing round the clock? Your lymphatic  and immune system may be working so hard at cleansing your body that a sneaky little influenza virus may take this grand opportunity to invade. This will for sure put a damper on your new road to wellness. So, how do we protect our immune system?

By draining your lymphatic system daily with your toxin-busting  Bellabaci Cups for just a few minutes, you will keep stimulating and alerting your white blood cells which is your body’s “clean-up crew” for any viral or bacterial intruders, thereby boosting your immune system. Mornings are always the best time for your cupping treatment. If you are having a stressful morning, there is no reason why a little night-time cupping won’t do you well. You might even sleep better too!

Check out these 6 common, but very important tips on keeping your body healthy and your immune system pumping!

  • Wash your hands! – And that means before every meal. Our hands are in close contact with our mouths and nose during a meal. This makes them the perfect vessel for germs to get up close and personal.. Keep a sanitizing spray or no-wash hand gel in your bag for those times you might not be close to running water. Your immune system will thank you for it!
  • Cut back on sugar – Just a few tablespoons of sugar daily can decrease your immune system by up to 40% by slowing down your white blood cell activity.
  • Sleep – Your body”s immune system repairs and restores while you sleep. No amount of vitamin C can make up for a good 7-8 hour sleep (10 hours for kids) session. Its been proven that just lying down has almost the same effect. So, if you are counting sheep, stay put!
  • Drink water – Fluid flushes out toxins and dehydration stresses your body! So, pimp out your water by getting a bottle you love. Or add a few orange slices or mint leaves to your water. Fluid is crucial to keep your immune system running smoothly!
  • Exercise – Exercise builds your defense against viruses. Aim for 30 minutes x 5 per week.
  • Eat fresh fruit and vegetables – We tend to cut down on produce during winter. Do try to have at least 2 servings of each daily. Nature’s chemist is full of vitamins and minerals. The body utilizes these from food much better than from supplementation. Your immune system is dependent on what you eat!

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