The Bellabaci Kese – An authentic Turkish Bath hamam exfoliating mitt.

This magic Bellabaci Kese mitt removes any form of dead skin cells and debris. Designed by our experts with specially selected organic materials consisting of silk, silk harvest, tree and bamboo cellulose, bark cellulose of the Poplar tree and goat hair, you can be sure that satin soft skin is on the horizon for you. Well exfoliated skin also boosts effectivity of what’s to follow. Getting deeper product penetration is now as easy as 1,2, Kese!




It’s time to treat your skin well by adding The Bellabaci Deep Cleanse-Pro Facial Mitt to your life!

Remove your make-up and give yourself a professional cleanse with this super-mitt. Even waterproof make-up has no chance against its’ cleansing powers, while still keeping your skin’s protective acid mantle barrier intact. Simply wet with tepid water, wipe away. Keep your mitt clean and intact by washing it in soapy water. Hang to dry and voila, sterile once again and ready for the next use!

If you want really boost your treatment, add the Bellabaci Facial Cups to deeply massage your skin following your cleansing procedure. Just apply the Skin Get a Life Genie in a Bottle and follow the diagram provided.