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The Bellabaci massage is based on the knowledge of Ancient Traditional Cupping Therapy. The fact that the cup’s material is soft silicone which squeezes easily, brings Cupping Therapy to the convenience of using it in your home. By just squeezing the cup and setting it down on your area of concern after applying your favorite Genie in a Bottle treatment oil, you can now treat yourself or your loved ones. Cupping Therapy is a well known treatment used for stagnation, toxin elimination, pain relief, all relatively quickly and with the only known “side effect” of the cup kiss.

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal Massage

Why you need Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage tends to be overlooked by massage therapists. It is the one area left out of a massage routine simply because it might make the client feel vulnerable and the therapist uncomfortable; however, it is one of the more important areas of the body to massage, as the benefits are immediate and proactive.
Considered the body’s emotional library, where emotional information is stored, the abdominal area has what I call tension congestion. Tension and stress tend to accumulate in the internal organs as well as the other obvious and better-known tension-holding areas of the body. Therefore, there is great relief in unknotting and comforting this area.

Kiss Fibromyalgia better

Fibromyalgia Patients are opting for a new, healthy way to relieve SYMPTOMS

Fibromyalgia is fast becoming a common ailment, but this does not lessen the effect it has on its’ victims. Living with pain on a daily basis affects every aspect of your life. Why not try a healthy alternative to help manage your pain and symptoms?

Bellabaci, a natural treatment for Fibromyalgia - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Kiss Infertility better

Help bring back natural restoration, without the chemicals

For most women, since you came into womanhood the idea has crossed your mind as far as things go in love and marriage, you wonder who your husband will be, where you will live and how many children you would like to have. Unfortunately, the reality that you may not have the ability to conceive doesn’t even cross our minds. We expect all is right with our bodies. Today, the number is rising of women on fertility treatments, that is, if you can afford it. The never ending administering of hormones and medication, the stress on you and your relationship with your partner, it all takes its toll. Infertility in a nutshell is summarised as the inability to conceive in a 12month period. It is then advised to find medical assistance that might increase your chances conceiving.
Although these treatments are available, many women seek a more natural approach to increasing their chances of the miracle of a healthy conception and hopefully, pregnancy. We want to do what is good for our bodies, what nature intended.

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