Our revolutionary green-tech 100% natural AROMASK mask sanitizer is scientifically formulated to effectively reduce exposure to potential disease-causing microbes. The combination of potent essential oils in a 70% alcohol-based solution is designed to sanitize your mask and turn it into a powerful antimicrobial and anti-viral air filter.

Each 5ml AROMASK spray is inspired by the “thieves oil” used during the Bubonic plague. This potent blend of essential oils includes Oreganum, Bay Leaf, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove bud, Tea Tree oil, Myrtle & Ravintsara for their powerful respiratory, skin-saving & immunity enhancing properties.

Each 5ml bottle provides 30 applications.

4 reviews for Aromask 5 Pack

    Aromask 5 Pack photo review
    Buhla M
    This small bottle has lasted me quite some time now, I love pulling it out my handbag and surprising my friends with a sprits. It's a bit like magic actually! Everyone loves it and can't wait to get their hands on their own!
    Aromask 5 Pack photo review
    Avril G
    What a great buy. Honestly, where has this product been this whole time?? My skin is so happy, I haven't had any new breakouts since the first week I started using the mask aroma, and keeps me feeling refreshed & enregized during the long periods I have to wear my mask.
    Aromask 5 Pack photo review
    Jess Bester
    The smell of the Bellabaci Mask Aroma is something to get used to, it is very strong but once you get used to it, it almost makes wearing a mask feel good!
    The mask-aroma is a great investment. I feel like I can actually breath under my mask again, and the smell is super refreshing. Definitely the kind of product I never knew I needed, but can't go without!
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Aromask 5 Pack