Where the tides collide of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, and meets the exceptional and unique Fynbos of The Cape of Good Hope, we have combined two extreme sources of active biotechnology to bring you Nautilus, voyager and purveyor of skin-intelligence.

Rich in luxurious cosmeceutical ingredients, vitamins, minerals, essential oils and marine algae, our goal is to create the perfect canvas and repair the sails.

This Ritual includes the following products:

Nautilus Crystal Clear Facial Cleanser 120ml by Bellabaci

Crystal Clear Cleanser 120ml | 4 oz

Indulge in a new generation cleansing system that provides a full spectrum cleanse to the surface of the skin as well as micro-cleansing the pores, lifting debris, respecting the fragile acid mantle and preparing your skin for effective treatment delivery.

Nautilus Green Caviar Micellar Water 120ml by Bellabaci

Green Caviar Micellar Water 120ml | 4 oz

Fortified with hydration replenishing Green Caviar, an innovative vegan ingredient from the depths of the sea, this formulation offers benefits to address hyper-pigmentation, skin inflammation and replenish skin hydration. This multifunctional product can be used to remove makeup, tone, and hydrate the skin as a facial mist throughout the day.

Nautilus Lustre Exfoliation Balm 50ml by Bellabaci

Lustre Exfoliation Balm 50ml | 1.69 oz

This luxurious oil-based skin resurfacing balm intensifies deep-cleansing action by using oil to dissolve oil. Fortified with natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple, essential oils, and a synergy of fruit acids to exfoliate and lift cellular debris, creating a revitalized complexion, reducing enlarged pores, and enhancing the absorption and efficacy of active ingredients in a skincare regime.

Nautilus Green Caviar Clarity Mask 50ml by Bellabaci

Green Caviar Clarity Mask 50ml | 1.69 oz

Infused with an arsenal of active ingredients featuring Green Caviar® vegetal pearls from the heart of the sea that is rich in vitamins and oligo-elements and form part of an ancient Japanese beauty ritual. This intensive anti-aging treatment helps lift, firm, and clarify the skin while imparting radiance and comfort. Treat your skin to a “Botox in a Bottle” effect with additional Growths Factors to minimize wrinkles by up to 53% in 4 weeks. For all skin types.

Nautilus Luminescence Anti-Aging Balm 50ml by Bellabaci

Luminescence Anti-aging Balm 50ml | 1.69 oz

The Luminescence Anti-aging Balm is a restorative facial treatment formulated with intensive age-defying algae, plant-based enzymatic extracts, and an aroma-boutique synergy of superior carrier & essential oils. This all-skin type-friendly formula offers benefits such as improvement in skin texture, pigmentation, and firmness and targets the delay of the aging process.

Nautilus The Gem Serum 30ml by Bellabaci

The Gem Serum 30ml | 1 oz

The multi-active skin regenerating serum provides a full-spectrum formula of active ingredients to address all the signs of aging and offers preventative care for wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone and recreates your skin from within. The combination of superior bioactive algae, growth factors, vitamins, antioxidants, intelligent collagen stimulants and essential oil provides a one-step solution for all skin types and concerns.

Choose your Crème

Nautilus Smooth Tides Firming & Anti-Aging Crème 50ml

Smooth Tides Crème 50ml | 1.69 oz

The specialized algae and growth factors in the Smooth Tides Firming & Anti-Aging Crème formulation is specifically chosen for their ability to revive mature skin, helping to visibly plump deep wrinkles. Extra benefits includes the restructuring of the epidermis, stimulation of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, important for skin fullness and moisturization.

Nautilus Calm Seas Hydra-Comfort Crème 50ml by Bellabaci

Calm Seas Crème 50ml | 1.69 oz

The Calm Seas Hydra-Comfort Crème formula addresses skin integrity, hydration and offers anti-redness skin intelligence for a uniform complexion by stimulating the newly explored long non-coding RNA which has a crucial role in preventing aging and reinvents skin rejuvenation. It maintains extracellular matrix integrity, in particular the dermal-epidermal junction, and regulates the inflammasome pathway responsible for inflammation. 

Nautilus Vitamin Sea Energizing Lifting & Toning Crème 50ml by Bellabaci

Vit Sea Crème 50ml | 1.69 oz

Featuring in the Nautilus Vitamin Sea Energizing Lifting & Toning Crème formula is a specialized Algae that emerges from the depths of the ocean at 1.5°C as a freezing jolt for tired and urban skin. The biotechnological ingredients recharges skin cells and improves cellular strength and contraction for visible wrinkle reduction. An instant lifting effect can be achieved after application and long-term use offers luminous and V-reshaping for firmer skin.

Select your Crème

Smooth Tides Crème, Calm Seas Crème, Vit Sea Crème


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