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Super Cups & Supersized Half Price Genie of your choice!


Bigger Cups, Faster results! Buy the Bellabaci Super Cups and get a Genie (now Supersized) of your choice at half price!

Say good-bye to cellulite & kiss your body better with Bellabaci!

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With the Bellabaci Super Cups, you can look forward to the following:
  • Faster Results
  • Cover a treatment area in less time
  • Ease of use on larger areas
  • Easy handling and usage of the cup
  • Travel-friendly
  • Use The Super Cups in the shower or bath or with your favourite Bellabaci Genie in a Bottle treatment oil.

Using your Cups are easy. Simply apply your massage medium to facilitate movement of the cup. Proceed to squeeze the cups in the air, set it down on your treatment area, release your grip as suction is achieved and just glide the cup. Great ways to move the cup for ultimate results is by draining the lymph by moving the cups from the ankles to knees, knees to thighs, etc, always working towards the heart. Follow by using circles or zigzag movement to increase circulation and enhance your treatment, end off by draining again to remove any dislodged waste products. For a more detailed explanation, view our product directions page HERE

Please view the contraindications to Cupping Therapy HERE

Your Genie:

Cellulite Be Gone Genie 8oz, Aches & Pains Get Lost Genie 8oz, Skin Get a Life Genie 8oz, Circuflow Genie 8oz, Stress No More Genie 8oz, Bye Bye Belly Blues Genie 8oz

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