How to Choose which Facial You Need

How to choose which facial you need - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Most of us who go for regular facials are under the guidance of our specific therapists, but sometimes, especially when you are visiting a new salon, it is difficult to choose which facial you need. The therapist doesn’t yet know your skin or how you may react to certain product and more so if it is a product range you have never tried.

The safest choice when it comes to choosing the right facial is usually a deep cleanse or hydration facial. Anyone can, at any point do with a cleansing of the pores, which may or may not include extractions. In most cases it is optional, so do tell your therapist if you would like extractions. The facial is usually very basic, and includes the following steps:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Steam, followed by extractions
  • Massage using either a specialized serum or a massage cream/oil
  • Mask – determined by what your skin is needing at that moment, be it hydration, desensitizing etc
  • Tone
  • Application of day cream suited to your skin type. Do ask if it contains a broad-spectrum SPF of minimum 15, to protect your skin against damaging UV exposure.

Do ask your therapists to do a consultation with you before your facial, so that you can both decide on which route to follow. Consultations are also a good idea to have regularly, even if you have been with your therapist for a while. Changes happen that affect our skins daily, such as ageing, hormonal changes, sudden breakouts, stress, and dietary skin-get-a-life-face-cup-combochanges that may lack certain food groups etc.

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6 thoughts on “How to Choose which Facial You Need

  1. Diana Freeman says:

    So hard to find a good therapist, when you get one, hold on tight or just do your own thing. I am a control freak myself so I prefer to do my own treatment and have picked up a lot of tips here!

  2. Siobhan Barnes says:

    I just hate extractions, so very sore! The steam part I don’t mind, as long as it’s not overwhelming me. Some therapists never check the angle they place the steamer at, so then you basically choke from it, not cool.

  3. Catherine Wolmerans says:

    Yes, I also agree. Just do it yourself while traveling. I only go to a therapist once every so often so I am used to my facial cups. I am loving the new facial cleansing mitt by the way!!

  4. Bianca Palage says:

    It’s especially difficult when you are in a different country and don’t speak the language. So few have the menu in English so you don’t really know what you are choosing, which can be dangerous! I have had a few good and bad experiences..thank goodness for google translate…

  5. Liesel Olivier says:

    I love my therapist so i don’t like going to salons i don’t know when i am traveling. So much easier to just take my face cups and skin genie along! 🙂

  6. Mariam Ebrahim says:

    I totally agree about the consultation being so important, otherwise you leave unhappy and the therapist loses a prospective client..

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