Do you know the proper way to cleanse your skin?

Cleansing your skin is the basis of good skin care. What you use matters, and of course, how you use it. Going to bed with your makeup still on is never a good idea, and it is important to know the proper way to cleanse your skin to avoid doing more harm than good.

Most cleansers available are either ‘n gel or a cream wash and this means that the pH will be alkaline. This poses a problem, let me explain..

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s main function is to offer protection for what lies beneath. The skin has a barrier called the Acid Mantle, which is your first line of defense.  It offers protection against invading bacteria and viruses which increases your chances of infections or worse, acne.

When the Acid Mantle is not kept in tact, it can take your skin approximately 5 hours to repair it so that your protection will be in good form once more. One of the most common ways that your Acid Mantle is disturbed is when it’s pH, which is acidic, is stripped (along with your natural and most needed skin oils!) by using a soap or facial wash. A quick test you can do to see if your cleanser is alkaline is to use a pH detector strip, or by assessing how your skin feels after cleansing. Dry, tight skin is an immediate indicator that you have used an alkaline based cleanser.face mit

A better and healthier option is to rather use a cleansing tool that will give you squeaky clean skin, whilst leaving that which is important, in tact. The Bellabaci Deep-Cleanse Pro Mitt is made from natural fibers that effortlessly removes make-up, yes, mascara too, and cleanses your skin deep down by just quickly damping it and wiping all the dirt away.

It is a simple method, no chemicals needed and to wash it you just need to rinse it. The microfibers are anti-bacterial and needs to air dry to ensure that it is ready for your next use. It is also super travel friendly, making life much easier for when you are off to the gym or want to remove your makeup in a tiny airplane restroom! Follow by applying your favorite Genie in a Bottle and two minutes of facial cupping massage, and you will enjoy glowing skin in 3 simple steps!

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Happy Cupping!kiss