Endermologie Results – Make it Last!

Endermologie Results - For The Longterm - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

How long will your client’s Endermologie results last if she cannot have her maintenance sessions?

Endermologie has made a fantastic name for itself. They have built up a trustworthy brand and helped thousands of clients improve their physique as well as their self-esteem. Unfortunately, life gets busy and clients cannot always make their next session.

Don’t worry! Bellabaci can help!

What we have found though is that many clients feel unhappy when going through the softening stage. It is also hard to keep up with maintenance sessions after the course has completed. Clients can also feel embarrassed or disappointed when their cellulite reappears. Reality versus expectation can be harsh.

What can Bellabaci offer before and during a course of Endermologie?

  • Clients gain Endermologie results faster by using our system.
  • Using the cups the morning before a session can assist to drain the lymphatics.
  • The release of pressure causing fluids will help the treatment to feel more relaxing and pleasant.
  • Clients will experience self-gratification when they are part of the process.
  • The softening stage will pass quicker. It may also lessen the visual component which is not liked much by the clients.


Gliding a Bellabaci cup over a topical product aids product penetration in 3 ways:

  • The cups increases blood circulation. This creates heat and improves the rate at which an active ingredient can penetrate.
  • Cupping Massage opens up the pores and literally pushes the ingredients deeper into the skin layers.
  • The actives penetrate though the process of reverse osmosis. This ensures that the deepest layer receives its dose of ingredients.

Benefits of using Cupping Massage after an Endermologie course:

  • The client will constantly be reminded to keep a watchful eye on her cellulite.
  • Clients are more likely to book a professional maintenance treatment when they are continuously working on their improvement.
  • Cupping Massage renders cumulative results.
  • Clients who are satisfied will continue to be a great advertisement for Endermologie. Word of mouth is always the best form of marketing.

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