How Cupping Therapy Works

How Cupping Therapy Works - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Are you looking to improve your health and wellness? Want to do it holistically? Look no further than Cupping Therapy. There are many forms of alternative treatments available, but few can compare. Cupping therapy is probably one of the oldest healing modalities of the ages. Its history is rich from east to west. Even Galen was quoted to condemn medical practitioners for not using Cupping Therapy on their patients.

So, how does Cupping Therapy work?

Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. Stagnation disrupts any flow of energy or repair. It occurs where there are stress factors in the body, such as viral or bacterial invasion. Also lactic or uric acid build-up can be one of the stagnation causing culprits. Your body’s “ambulance” (white blood cells) then does not pick up the distress signals. The problem site then doesn’t get the leukocytes and neutrophils that are needed. These cells clear up the area of pathogenic activity. This unfortunately throws more wood on the fire..

By using Cupping Therapy to cause deliberate, local congestion with negative pressure, immediately an repair response is kicked into gear. This brings a fresh influx of toxin clearing cells, which can then be filtered by your lymphatic system. Immunity is then boosted and your body’s radar for detecting problems is restored.

Bellabaci Circuflow Kit New
Bellabaci Circuflow Kit

Previously, you’d need to visit a qualified acupuncturist to undergo a treatment, which may become costly. Bellabaci has perfected a home system for you to use at your convenience and we are here to help! Our savvy body and face cupping therapy sets are easy to use and treatment time is just a few minutes. Bellabaci Cupping Therapy can assist in treating from cellulite to pain relief, and from wrinkles to ageing. Our vision is healthy bodies, obtained naturally!

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