Can Cupping improve your Sports Performance?

Can Cupping improve your Sports Performance? - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

If you are looking to improve your sports performance, look no further. Let’s talk natural solutions and not chemical boosters that may damage your body in the long term. 

Wanting to improve your sports performance is as old as the need to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many sports enthusiasts choose synthetic substances that are illegal and can get them penalised or banned from taking part in professional sports. Steroidal substances can also have some detrimental effects on the body, as well as the psyche.

Thinking of grabbing a sports drink to improve your sports performance?

Think again!

Hyponatremia is a serious condition that occurs when your blood has an abnormally low level of sodium. This can be caused by dehydration but more often is caused by overhydration. When Harvard studied a group of marathon runners, they found that 13 percent had some degree of hyponatremia and that those who had been drinking sports drinks were just as likely to have hyponatremia than those who had been drinking plain water.

Another study proved that the acid, sugar and sodium in these “energy drinks” erode your teeth and causes weight gain. The reason is that the portion or volume of the drink’s container is much more than should be consumed in one go.

Cupping Massage is a much healthier way to help your body go further. It also helps to prevent injuries when used to warm up the muscles prior to exercise. Should an injury or cramp occur, all you need is a quick cupping massage to assist the muscles and tissues to repair

Why does Cupping improve your sports performance.

When we exercise, your cells need oxygen and glucose to function. A build up of acidity in the blood can deter a great performance. Cupping addresses both these issues as the technique creates a surge in blood flow, which carries oxygen and nutrients to cells.

Cupping is also incorporated to assist your cells achieve an alkalised state. This is due to the fact that toxins are released and expelled for excretion.

Now you can understand why so many olympic athletes are seen having cupping therapy before the big events! Michael Phelps won many gold medals for swimming in the last Olympics. He proudly wore his cup kisses for all to see.

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