Why Liposuction doesn’t get rid of Cellulite

Liposuction may just be the most popular treatment performed in the USA today. How tempting is the thought of having your fat literally sucked out? There are many misconceptions about liposuction. The main ones being that it will help with weight loss and cellulite. This is unfortunately not true. Liposuction only helps to reshape areas which are resistant to diet and exercise and the best candidates are those who are not overweight, and just merely have an unresponsive fatty pocket here or there.

Liposuction’s biggest drawback is the painful recuperation time afterwards, although there are some new (pricy) techniques out there which speed up healing time.

How is Liposuction performed?

The doctor will insert a fine tubular instrument called a canula, into the subcutaneous fat layer, with a push and pull motion, to break up the fat cells, while a vacuum sucks out the fatty deposits. Only superficial fat can be treated as to minimize the risk of injury to the tissues.

Why Liposuction doesn’t get rid of Cellulite.

Liposuction only removes some of the fat cells, and the problem with cellulite is deeper than that. Liposuction doesn’t address the connective tissues, which is where the pressure of uneven fat distribution is causing the bumpy orange peel effect. It also doesn’t address the issue of poor circulation, which is a main contributor to Cellulite formation.combo-pic

What does work for a Cellulite free body?

The only method proven to successfully treat Cellulite, is the mechanical massage of your lumpy areas. This helps to address and improve detoxification, poor circulation, uneven fat distribution and weak connective tissues. Oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues are increased, collagen and elastin is stimulated, and with the help of drinking your fair share of water, you can say hello to your long-lost, smooth thighs.

Choose a Professional Treatment, and do it yourself!

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