Sugar Detox – You owe it to your health

Sugar Detox - You owe it to your health - By Bellabaci Cupping Therapy

If you have been able to cut sugar from your life, you are in the minority. It can be really tricky because it is everywhere and in almost everything we want to eat. Food that looks tempting is usually full of it and you need a lot of determination to go without it. Luckily, there is hope, and we are here to help you through your sugar detox!

Sugar is basically a legal drug.

Refined sugar is probably the most addictive legal substance around. Princeton University Professor Hoebe says that sugar stimulates the same receptors that activate the pathways stimulated by such as drugs like heroin and morphine.

Sugar cravings can be hard to beat, especially when the body is full of parasites, candida, yeast, and bacteria that need sugar to survive. This fact makes withdrawal symptoms unbearable and most of the times end up in a fast food or sweets binge.

How to beat a craving during your Sugar Detox:

Dr. Alan Hirsch has been studying the effects of Peppermint Essential Oil. He has found that it has the ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety center. It can actually give you that feeling of fullness after a meal. Dr. Hirsch recommends inhaling the oil, to make the most of these effects. This tip can be handy when you are trying a full sugar detox. Use this wonderful oil to curb those carb cravings as soon as they strike!

Ideas on how to use Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • Add a few drops to a tissue and keep it near you when you are having a meal.
  • Use an essential oil diffuser and inhale every time a craving starts.
  • Essential oil can be applied to the feet. This is also a great idea if you suffer from sinus congestion.
  • Make a paste with coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, and apply to your abdomen or pulse points when the need arises.
  • Add it to your oil pulling regime and get a full mouth clean and whiter teeth too!

Note: Essential oils are volatile, creating evaporation. Always put the cap on straight after opening. Some aromatherapists also recommend not inhaling directly from the bottle, as it can lose its potency.

Detox and Treat Cellulite in 3 easy steps!

Another super easy way to cleanse your body and to treat cellulite, excess fat and to tone up is with the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit. These 3 simple steps that are very effective when combined, to maximize your results, namely:

  1. The Kese – For proper full body exfoliation and to boost microcirculation. Also assists with product penetration by removing dead skin cells which may be blocking active ingredients from doing its job.
  2. The Cellulite Be Gone Genie in a Bottle – A topical and potent homeopathic and aromatherapeutic energetic synergy, aimed at removing toxins, repairing damaged cells, draining excess fluids and lymph and melting fat cells.
  3. The Body Cups – A modern twist on ancient wisdom, these hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups helps with body remodeling, detoxification and diet-resistant and acidic areas such as cellulite. The skin complex helps to repair and regenerate the tissues responsible for those dimples. The improved blood circulation is visible immediately, sending oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

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7 thoughts on “Sugar Detox – You owe it to your health

  1. Rina Stockley says:

    I bought the Cellulite be Gone kit a few months ago. It is amazing! I sometimes put some of the Oil lotion in my bath for a milk bath. Love it. And just realized as I was reading your blog that I do not crave chocolates as much as I used to!

  2. Angelique Dale says:

    I have actually done Cupping for weight loss, but this modern twist is so clever and I love that I can do it at home!

  3. Gerwyn Lyons says:

    This makes so much sense! I thought it was just because I do not have any will power. Any help to help me resist my chocolate stash is very welcome. Oil Pulling it is

  4. Georgina Lazzaroni says:

    Wow, What a great way to combine this with Oil pulling. I will most certainly look into it, thank you

  5. Jean Melle says:

    Sugar addiction is so difficult to break. I have been struggling for years, I will definitely order your Cellulite Be Gone Kit. So excited then I can get my body in shape again at the same time

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