Superfoods for Anti-Ageing

Superfoods for Anti-Ageing - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Now that we know how to care for our bodies from the outside with our Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Body and Face Kit, we also need to take care of ourselves from the inside. Make sure to add these superfoods for anti-ageing to your diet daily, as they will help tremendously in the war on ageing!

Eat these Superfoods for Anti-Ageing daily for glowing skin!

Strawberries: A cup of strawberries delivers about 150% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Eating more vitamin C-rich foods may help to ward off wrinkles and age-related dryness, suggests research from 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Tomatoes Tomatoes get their red hue from lycopene, a carotenoid that may help to keep your skin smooth. Consuming more lycopene may also protect your skin from sunburn. You can also get lycopene from pink grapefruit, carrots, watermelon, guava and red peppers.

Tofu and other soy foods may help to preserve firm skin because it is rich in isoflavones which deters the breakdown of collagen.

Tuna and other omega 3 rich foods may keep your skin looking youthful and prevent skin cancer. EPA, one of the omega 3 fats, has been shown to preserve collagen. EPA and DHA (another one of the omega 3 fats) helps to prevent skin cancer by reducing inflammatory compounds that can promote tumor growth. Aim to eat two servings of fatty fish each week. A bonus is that you will also contribute to your heart health.

Coffee a small cup of coffee daily may lower your risk of developing skin cancer. A study of 93,000 women, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, showed that one cup daily reduced the risk of developing melanoma by about 10%, and the more they drank, the lower the risk. Maximum intake was 6 cups daily.

Cocoa This one may be the most surprising of all, since some people say chocolate gives you acne. Turns out studies have unequivocally shown there is no connection between chocolate and skin problems. Some types of chocolate may even be good for your skin. Cocoa contains a type of flavonoid called epicatechin (so do tea and red wine). In a study of 24 women, published in the Journal of Nutrition, drinking an epicatechin-rich cocoa beverage daily for 12 weeks improved skin texture. The authors explained that epicatechin increased blood flow to the skin, boosting nutrient and oxygen supply—both factors essential for keeping skin healthy.6genies-300x200

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