So, now you have your Kese, Genie in a Bottle and Cups, and now what?

Well, for starters you can pat yourself on the back that you have the best tool in town to kiss your body better! The basic steps as to how to use your products, are easy as pie, and we have broken it down to ensure you become a pro as fast as you can say Bellabaci! The Kese is made from natural fibres and you just need a few minutes. Exfoliation is a fantastic choice to grant you super soft skin, improve product penetration and help support your body’s natural circulation!

Kese Body Exfoliation Mitt Directions:

Take a hot shower or bath, soap up and rinse of. Now get ready to use your Kese Body Mitt

  • Slip in your hand and use circular motions to loosen the dead skin cells. Make sure you spend enough time on each area, and remember those knees and elbows!
  • Start at your ankles, move to your knees. Then move from your knees to the tops of your thighs. Use circular motions on your abdomen, starting on your right hip, and gently exfoliate your arms moving from your hands to your shoulders
  • A nice, red tone is good. Don’t overdo it as just a few minutes will do!

Genie in a Bottle Treatment Massage Oil Directions:

  • Apply to your area of concern, and just a small amount will to do provide ample slip for the gliding of your cup. The Genies are a professional strength treatment body oil in itself, which is great if you are running low on time for your cupping massage session. And, don’t worry about your clothing or linen! The Genies don’t stain and can just be rinsed off with water if you prefer as they are non-greasy!

Bellabaci Body Cupping Massage Directions:

  • Start at your ankles, squeeze the cup lightly and set it down just above your ankle where you can easily grab some flesh for a superficial massage. Drain the lower leg by gliding the cup in lines, towards the lymph node that is situated right behind your knee.
  • After a minute or so, you can start just above your knees, and drain upwards from your knees, towards the lymph node situated in the groin area. Follow with circular or zigzag movements to loosen tightness and lipid pockets. This is your actual cellulite treatment part.
  • End off by draining towards the lymph nodes in your groin by just moving the cup from your knee to your groin area. The amount of time you spend is up to you, and of course, the more you do, the better your results will be.
  • For the arms, start just above your elbow, and drain towards the lymph node located in your armpit. If your upper arms are very thin you can always use the facial cup to drain this area. If there is enough flesh to work with, you can try doing small circular movements, before ending off by draining your lymph as discussed
  • Now, move on to your stomach. Start by placing the cup just above your right hip bone and drain in circular motions, clockwise. So, that means from your (R) hipbone, drain upwards to your ribs, then go across to the left and then down to your (L) hip bone. Repeat for a minute or two.
  • Always start with your soft cup, and when you have become accustomed to it, and there is no discomfort, you can move on to your hard cup. But keep the soft cup close, as it is best for tender areas!

Feeling like a pro yet? Don’t fret, we’ve all been there and practice makes perfect!

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