A concern every therapist hears but cannot do too much about is loss of elasticity and firmness of the neck and breast area. It happens to any and every one at some point, and there is a huge gap in between what topical products can do, compared to the extreme of plastic surgery.

Breast massage, although effective, may cause embarrassment for some clients and it also needs to be done regularly, to achieve a noticeable result. The tissue in this area is also sensitive, and vigorous massage may cause discomfort.

Cupping Massage is a great way to fill the gap to deliver great results, without the trauma and downtime of surgery and it is also a natural approach to offer benefits for the long term. Should your client not want to have a regular professional treatment, she can always purchase the cups and treat herself in the comfort of her own home. Another benefit of cupping massage is that it allows for deeper product penetration through the process of reverse osmosis, making the most of the active ingredients.

Regular cupping massage also allows for proper lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and fluid retention which may cause discomfort or sensitivity. The action of the cups is to stimulate deep blood circulation underneath the skin of your breast.  It stimulates nerves inside your breasts that are essential receptors of oestrogen. This opens up blood flow throughout your entire breast, prompting natural growth.

Massaging your breasts is not only for stimulation but also for the overall health of the breast tissue. Using massages to increase blood flow and stimulate nerves in your chest can also have more important reasons such as healthier lunch tissue.

The Bellabaci breast massage techniques allows for successful lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system inside your body is essentially a network of vessels that are responsible for carrying fluids and toxins away from healthy cells. This same system also helps cells when they are fighting off germs or viruses.  Lymphatic drainage is a holistic approach to clearing these vessels of all toxins and your Bellabaci Cups is the perfect system to achieve this.

A healthy lymphatic system means a healthy breast. This massage can also help in the fight against breast cancer, keeping your cells healthy and removing any cellular byproducts that may cause havoc when left alone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use the Bellabaci Massage System if you have breast cancer or if you have had breast cancer in the past. Always check with your doctor before starting any new treatments.

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