What not to do when going for a massage

What not to do when going for a massage - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Many therapists can tell horror stories of what they have had to deal with inside the treatment room. How can we help? Let us tell you what not to do when going for a massage and you can just lie back and relax.

What not to do when going for a massage:

  • Don’t skip your shower! Yes, even though you will probably need to shower again after, (if you don’t like keeping the oil on), all therapists enjoy working on a clean and soapy fresh body.
  • Don’t ask if you can take your underwear off. When in doubt, keep it on! Your therapist will explain what you need to do. In case she or he skipped the underwear part just keep them on to avoid any embarrassment.
  • Don’t drink a lot of fluid before your treatment – That is slightly obvious, but worth mentioning none the less.
  • Don’t skip your meal. – It is best to eat at least 30 minutes prior to your massage. Your blood pressure tends to drop, and also your glucose levels. This may lead to dizziness when trying to get off the plinth.
  • Don’t go hairy. – If your legs haven’t seen the edge of a razor in months, it might be a good idea to shave the day before your massage. This will avoid any stretching or pulling of hair, and save you from feeling self-conscious.
  • Don’t forget to tell your therapist if you are allergic to any ingredients. It will also help to give an indication of what depth of pressure you prefer during massage

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  1. Vanessa Reid says:

    can share this again and again- can totally relate as a massage therapist!
    wish all my clients will read it

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