Why does your skin wrinkle with age?

Why does your skin wrinkle with age? - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Yikes, ageing can really just jump on you one day. Just a quick check in the mirror to see if I have any lipstick on and there it is: a wrinkle. Yes, it won’t cause the world to end, but you have to live with it, or do you?

There are many steps we can take to help keep our skin in optimum condition. We can control our lifestyle, diets and skincare regimes, but unfortunately, there is nothing to stop the inevitable few wrinkles from creeping in over the years. Understanding why does your skin wrinkle with age can help you be proactive and treat them in one go with the right tools.

To help keep the wrinkles at bay, it is vital to know

what causes them.

Chronological ageing

As you age, skin cell regeneration within the epidermis decreases which makes it harder for skin cells to repair itself unaided. When you are younger skin takes between two to three weeks to repair cells, but as you get older your skin becomes thinner and can take four to six weeks to replace damaged cells.

Proteins such as elastin and collagen, which keeps your skin firm, decreases with age, causing skin to sag and fine lines to form. It is important to try and help the body replace these proteins.

Damage caused by Free Radicals

With age, the amount of harmful free radicals in your body increases. It is these free radicals which cause oxidation, a key factor in the ageing process. By eating foods that contain antioxidants (such as fruit and vegetables) it is thought that you can help your body to keep free radical damage at bay.


Photo-ageing, also known as sun damage accounts for 90% of premature ageing. Harmful UVA rays can have an effect on skin, from an early age. You may think that your tan makes you look beautiful, but UV damage is the No 1 cause of ageing in later life. These UVA rays can also penetrate glass and clouds. Give your skin a break by applying a moisturizer that contains sun protection throughout the year.


This may seem obvious, but smoking really does have an effect on your skin. Smoking causes free radicals to increase in your body, which can damage cells and so leads to premature ageing. Also, the expressions that smokers make when enjoying a cigarette such as squinting and puckering can lead to fine lines being formed on your face. So if you are a smoker – remember, it’s never too late to stop!

PS: Is your skin feeling cold? Poor circulation due to low temperatures during winter will be sure to create wrinkles. The reason for this is that your blood supply to the very superficial capillaries, which nourishes the collagen and elastin is severely reduced. When your body is cold, it concentrates blood flow around your core organs in order to keep you warm and it doesn’t give two hoots about your skin ageing.

How can you help to prevent wrinkles?

Regular facial cupping massage can help prevent and repair areas where wrinkles have formed. The increase in blood supply is enhanced immensely and your skin will feel toasty warm within minutes. Try our most popular Skin Get a Life Genie Facial Kit, which combines facial cupping massage with a professional strength skin regeneration formula packed with homeopathic remedies and aromatherapeutic complexes aimed at ageing and moisture loss. Our hand-squeezed vacuum suction facial cups are simple to use and it just takes a few minutes!

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