Why don’t Men have Cellulite?

Ever wonder why don’t men have cellulite and us ladies are in a constant battle against it? Well, the fact is that these days men are starting to present with cellulite. You may see it on their tummies or upper arms, even stretch marks.. Here’s why!

Why don’t Men have Cellulite? Fact: They actually do!

Women have been jealous of men for centuries. Have you ever started a diet with your boyfriend or partner? Every woman that that has will know, the struggle is real. Men lose weight at a much faster speed, purely because of a few physiological differences such as body temperature, metabolism speed and the presence of testosterone.

When it comes to cellulite, men are also far better off that us ladies. They literally are thicker skinned, and that is not meant in a bad way at all..wink.. This fact though creates less of a visible chance of seeing any present dimples or such. As men grow older, their skins become more fragile and cellulite will be well spotted on areas of fat storage. Men are also lucky to have a totally different connective tissue structure which is stronger and more resilient than a woman’s. This is because the hunter had to pick up a lot more weight-baring items when we were cavemen and women, and they needed the extra strength. But, times are a-changing..

Feminization is commonly seen in men as they are presenting with higher levels of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Men are literally becoming “softer” as we are evolving. A large debate also goes to the fact that there are higher levels of estrogen in drinking water. This a possible reason as to why this is happening.

So, you may soon walk into the bathroom and find that your boyfriend is using your Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit. That’s okay, but rather get him his very own HERE!

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